Fry the Frogs SMU Scholarships – Ashley Gurley

President Scholar Ashley Gurley would like to thank you for frying your frogs! If you haven’t made your gift, consider making it today at

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Fry the Frogs SMU Student Scholarships – Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith is a BBA Scholar and a proud Mustang! See how alumni giving has provided her with opportunities she wouldn’t get elsewhere!

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Fry the Frogs SMU Student Scholarship – Michael Graves

SMU President’s Schloar Michael Graves didn’t want to be a number. See how alumni giving helped him decide to come to SMU. Make an impact by frying your frog today at

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Fry the Frogs SMU Scholarship – Amanda Presmyk

Bring talented students like Hunt and Meadows Scholar Amanda Presmyk to the Hilltop by making your gift at!

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Fry the Frogs SMU Student Scholarship – John Angle

Help bring talented students like BBA Scholar John Angle to the Hilltop by making your gift today at

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Fry the Frogs Student Scholarship – Jewel Lipps

Help bring bright students to the Hilltop like Dedman Scholar Jewel Lipps by frying your frog at

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Fry the Frogs Student Scholarships – Alex Mace

Student Body President Alex Mace is a prime example of SMU leadership. Help support students like him through the SMU Scholarship Fund by FRYING YOUR FROG today!

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We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?!

Are you ready for some football?! Well, Human Peruna isn’t quite yet. He’s got the SMU spirit but he needs some new threads. HP is getting a little ragged and we need the number two best college mascot looking his sharpest! By making your gift to the SMU Cheer fund, you’re not only helping Peruna continue to look good and stay fresh, but it also allows him and the SMU Cheerleaders to travel to away games. We definitely need their spirit to motivate the team so we can keep on winning games! Not to mention, Peruna and the cheerleaders always make it a point to show their support for SMU Young Alumni at our events so let’s show our support too! Demonstrate your SMU spirit by giving to the SMU Cheer fund at! Pony up!

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Highlights from the Hilltop


Peruna made an appearance at the DYA Wine Tasting

It’s been an exciting year for SMU Young Alumni, from frying frogs to Peruna on the campaign trail. SMU young alumni set numerous records this year and have plenty of reasons to be proud ponies. The first accomplishment was when SMU beat TCU during our Fry the Frogs Campaign and then continued the victory by defeating the Horned Frogs on the football field! The excitement didn’t stop there. SMU Dallas Young Alumni had 14 events this year with 713 total attendees! Our highest attendance rate yet! Peruna finished out the year by hitting the campaign trail in order to gain young alumni support. His campaign strategies were a success! Hundreds of young alumni voted for Peruna which led to a record setting 2,742 young alumni donors!

We had tremendous local achievements but we can’t forget about our 52 chapters and four affinity groups who motivated their peers to pony up. Alumni in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, St. Louis and Washington, D.C. raised more than $631 million to support student quality, faculty and academic excellence and the campus experience.

SMU Hispanic Alumni inspired 200 Mustangs to contribute a combined total of $22,000 to their scholarship program which was awarded to two students. Black Alumni also had a stellar year with their inaugural scholarship initiative. They garnered 100 donors and $7,000 which was later awarded to a sophomore student.

These successes would not have been possible without the help of our 1,226 volunteers and loyal alumni like you. We appreciate all that you do for your alma mater.  Go Mustangs!

DYA Community Service Project at Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls


SMU/TCU NYC Chapter Harbor Cruise

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Dear Voter,

TODAY is the last day to VOTE for yours truly and we’re so close to hitting our goal! I’ve been on a lot of trails before but this campaign trail has been the best one yet!

Did you know that US News & World Report uses alumni giving participation (not amount) as a factor for determining rankings? It’s important to make your gift of any size each year so the value of your degree increases. Let’s be honest, we all know SMU definitely deserves to be in the top 50 and higher!

You can give to any division or program. I personally made my gift to the Peruna fund. In fact, Peruna’s costs mainly depend on donations from alumni as well as all areas of SMU! You can also leave your mark on campus by purchasing a personalized paver! Just some hay food for thought! VOTE today at!

Peruna is casting his vote at!

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