DYA Professional Breakfast Series featuring SMU President Dr. R. Gerald Turner

When we first began discussing the breakfast series, we realized there was a gap between student events and alumni events.  There was very little offered by SMU for young alumni. While SMU could aid in the development of its young professionals and had tremendous access to interesting people, most of our alumni joined other professional organizations. Thus we had identified a opportunity for SMU in which SMU could continue to impact its more-recently graduated alumni while maintaining the connection between the school and its former students.

In the beginning we discussed events such as the Turner Leadership Summit.  Even though the Summit was relatively new at the time, we considered the prestige it had already established.  At the time we wondered if we could similarly get to the point of such high caliber speakers.  Frankly we just hoped we could get an endorsement by the Administration to take on a new speaker series.  That’s why we are particularly proud that our very own President R. Gerald Turner is the speaker for the February Professional Breakfast Series.

Dr. Turner will be discussing the SMU Community and Economic Impact Report.

A special thank you to Highland Capital Management, LP for sponsoring today’s breakfast!

Register today at http://smu.edu/events/rsvp_form.asp?e=dyabreakfast3.

Written by: Erik Nikravan ’06 – Event Chair

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