Peruna Is A Stud At The Dedman Center!

After all this campaigning, I decided to get a little work out in at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. I couldn’t help but notice how thirsty the students looked so I thought I’d save them a trip to the trough water fountain by bringing them some bottled water. I had the chance to talk to our future young alums about why they chose SMU. Nearly every one of them said it was the campus that brought them here. Not only is it gorgeous, but the students and faculty are friendly plus there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. By VOTING for me, you are providing these students/future alums with the best possible campus experience. As you know campus experience is one of my mane main platforms.  If we reach 100 VOTES by the end of this week, I’ll do 100 pushups! I may not be a thoroughbred but I’m pretty strong. VOTE now at

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