Peruna Is Always In The Mood To Visit Moody!

Peruna talks about the Big East in front of the Moody Mustangs

I trotted walked over to the Moody Coliseum to learn more about the upcoming renovations and talk to some alums about SMU entering the Big East. Since SMU is going BIG (Big East that is), it’s only logical that we make everything BIGGER!

Come August, Moody Coliseum is getting a serious face lift in order to modernize the facility. This is great not only because of SMU’s new conference division, but several notable speakers including four U.S. presidents have made appearances in this arena. VOTE for me and maybe I’ll be next! Now that I think about it, public speaking may not be the best option since I can’t actually speak. Nonetheless, I’ll make my Moody debut on the sidelines at the home games! Here’s a bit of information for you, Moody Coliseum was home to the Texas Chaparrals, currently known as the San Antonio Spurs. (Horses aren’t big fans of spurs, seeing as how they poke us and all.) Anyway, it’s a bit ironic because our new basketball coach is none other than former Spurs coach and stud hall of famer, Larry Brown!

In addition to the Moody makeover, SMU is building a new tennis complex that meets conference guidelines so we can host tennis matches on our home turf!

When you VOTE for me, you’re contributing to all the BIG changes on the SMU campus. Remember, you can designate your gift to any area of the University including one of these projects and SMU athletics. VOTE now at

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