Peruna In The Big D

Peruna discussing SMU’s econmonic impact with SMU YA Board President Thomas Kincaid ’05, Brayden Harris ’08, Jasmine Culpepper ’06, Maggie Easterlin ’10, Elissa Nadel ’07, Regan Owen ’09, Samantha Thomas ’10, Susan McIntyre ’01, Caitlin Myers ’09, Hadleigh Henderson ’03, MADAMIC ’01, Katie Wright ’08, Marley Wing ’10, Farida Iqbal ’11, Katy Cary ’11, and Atton Weimer ’11

I decided to go back out into the Dallas community and grab some lunch with my young alumni supporters. We met by the Winspear (where DYA saw In the Heights earlier this year) at the food trucks. I didn’t see any trucks serving hay so I settled for a 12 grain oat sandwich instead. Looking around downtown, we noticed how much the city has grown. In fact, alumni support of the university has contributed to the flourishing city. Recently, SMU released a book on the university’s impact on the city and its return on investment. Dr. Turner presented the information at the Federal Reserve Bank to 400 area leaders! They initially asked me to give the presentation but I can’t speak and attempting to mime that information would have been exhausting. Dr. Turner made a great runner up (perhaps he’ll make a great runner up once again). If you VOTE for me, I get to be SMU President for a day! Cast your VOTE at! Your dollars not only impact the university but it impacts the entire city!

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