Peruna Visits Fans at the Crescent

Peruna met with loyal supporters Candy Crespo '07, Missy Gabe '06, Phillip Bonafair '11, Gennea Squire DeTorres '06, Emily Stark '08, Ryan Trimble '05, and Stephanie Vance '08 at the Crescent

I bucked kicked off my campaign trail at the Crescent Hotel where I met with some of my loyal young alumni supporters. Four times a year, the Crescent Club opens their doors for the SMU Dallas Young Alumni Professional Breakfast Series. The event was created in 2008 to reconnect and engage young alumni with SMU to inspire support of our alma mater.  Not only is attending the breakfast great because they serve muffins with oats (and occasionally apples), but it also highlights SMU academic excellence. DYA has landed speakers like Hunter Hunt, Dean Chard, President Turner, Kerri Briggs, and Dean Tsutsui. Your generous donations help SMU provide quality faculty and research. In fact, SMU continues to make headline news because of their groundbreaking work. When you cast your vote at, you can designate your gift to one of SMU’s many research funds or directly to your favorite school or program!  I need your VOTE!

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