Kevin Joseph ’09 Thanks Peruna For Giving Him His First Broken Bone

Kevin Joseph '09 (left)

We asked several of our most involved young alumni what inspires them to give back to SMU. Here’s what Kevin Joseph ’09 had to say:

Thank you Peruna for giving me my first broken bone. Seriously. I had never been able to say I’d broken a bone until I rushed the field my freshman year after SMU beat TCU. I tripped as I leaped onto the grass from the stands and fell flat on my nose. My nose smashed and I rushed to the emergency room. It is still slightly crooked to this day.

This has positively impacted my life because I no longer feel left out when my friends brag about their respective injuries. Before the broken nose, I felt weak, unadventurous and even “unmanly.”  Now, I’m much more confident when I find myself among football players, wrestlers, and even marines.

Since this day, my support for SMU has increased tremendously. I attend over half the home football games. Every once in a while, I watch to see if any other lucky gentleman may jump the field and experience the same life-changing moment as I (though I have yet to see it.) Nonetheless, while attending these games, almost always with fellow alums, I have come to greatly support the SMU Mustangs, and have enjoyed great fun and memories. I VOTED for Peruna at

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