Marlee Klein

Marlee Klein is the eldest child in her family and therefore the first to go to college. She and her family were on a “wild goose chase trying to find the university that was right for [her].” After applying to 10 different schools, it came down to SMU and a state school. There they decided that if she received the Hunt Scholarship, she would go to SMU. She was awarded the scholarship and headed to Dallas.

She gives back to SMU by promoting the university through various campus activities. She recruits prospective students through her job as a campus tour guide and helps students and families through the transition process as an AARO Leader. Being an AARO Leader has been by far her favorite job. Through this experience, she was able to make new friends and develop long lasting relationships. She adds that being a tour guide allows her to directly impact students’ impressions of SMU and share her experiences with them

Alumni contributions bring in strong talent like Marlee to the University. Now she does her part to recruit equally impressive students to SMU. Gifts to the SMU Scholarship Fund make an impact on students like Marlee. Make your gift today at!

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