Jacqueline Negrete

Jacqueline Negrete doesn’t take her scholarship for granted. SMU was her dream school and scholarships are the only reason she can attend. Paying for college has been her biggest challenge but this is something she has fought very hard for.

Her scholarship isn’t the only thing she’s not taking lightly. Jacqueline is taking advantage of all the lifetime opportunities SMU has to offer by being president of College Hispanic American Students and involved in Student Senate Diversity Committee; Leadership Education, Activities and Development; African Students Association; Middle Eastern Association. In addition, Jacqueline knows that SMU is the only place where she can receive a solid education and benefit from the large alumni network.

She has learned through Cox’s valuable networking that “alumni are the key to SMU.” She believes it sets us apart from any other university. Jacqueline wears her alma mater with pride and feels that if our alumni “believe in the purpose of education, the only natural thing is to give back in time and resources so that the future generation can also take part in this lifetime experience.” Gifts to the SMU Scholarship Fund make an impact on students like Jacqueline. Make your gift today at http://smu.edu/frythefrogs!

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