A memory submitted by R.B. Drennan, Class of 1980

My SMU faculty memory:
Dr. Tom Fomby was my professor for Econ 1311 in the spring of 1976. He superior ability to teach complex concepts in microeconomics in a clear and meaningful fashion motivated me to consider a major [...]

A memory submitted by Paula Hayes, Class of 1984

Dr. John Peavy delivered the fundamentals of finance to all his students in the most interesting and pragmatic way.  The excitement he garnered from his students was energizing.  Dr. Peavy was the finest teacher at SMU.

Only Professor Jim Collins [...]

A memory submitted by Francile Ehricht

As one of the oldest alums still living, you may find this interesting.  John, my husband, and I met on SMU campus. We married in June of 1942. After he served in WWII as a Finance Officer in the 102nd [...]

A memory submitted by Talbot Davis

My father, Harvey Davis, was on the faculty of the Law School from shortly after World War II until his retirement in 1977. Although I did not go either to college or seminary at SMU, he nevertheless instilled a lifelong [...]

A memory submitted by Joy Berry, Class of 1995

From Day 1, literally, at SMU, my favorite professor was Dr. John McCarthy. That very first biology class proved to me that I was in the right place, surrounded by the best professors! He was so much more than a [...]

A memory submitted by Patrick Yack, Class of 1974

I had many great teachers — and I use the word teacher for a reason — at SMU.

My two favorite professors were Robert Mann, who led the journalism department and Kenneth Carroll, who taught religion.

Kenneth gave me the [...]

A memory submitted by George Burke, Class of 1970

I admired the recent issue describing favorite faculty. My favorite was Dr. Kenneth Carroll, who taught Religion and made it relevant. He became my mentor, as I followed in his footsteps as a professor at Texas State for 25 years. [...]

A memory submitted by Kasi Zieminski, Class of 2006

Advertising Professor Alice Kendrick is a faculty member who truly makes a difference in the lives of her students. I was a research assistant for her the spring semester of my senior year, when my mother suddenly passed away. Dr. [...]

A memory submitted by Rene Martinez, Class of 1969

Dr. Conchita Winn, Chair of the Spanish department, made me focus on becoming fluent in Spanish, being able to read, write, and learn to communicate in both languages. She told me that some day I would use my bilingual abilities [...]

A memory submitted by Sarah Shaw, Class of 2007

I took every class that I could taught by now assistant-provost Linda Eads. Now, I’m always in attendance when she speaks on or moderates a panel (which is frequently). She lit up every classroom with her infectious love of the [...]

A memory submitted by Larry Chasteen, Class of 1968

Dr. Jack Holman.

Prof. Holman taught our sophomore heat transfer class. What I really remember was that we used a textbook that HE had written. This was my first experience with a really “famous” faculty! Prof. Holman also encouraged me [...]

A memory submitted by Tyler Sanford

@SMUShoutOut Thank You Jim Bryan for 4 years of your friendship, mentoring & teaching! #SMUFaculty #BBAScholarPride #SMUBusinessCards

— Tyler Sanford (@TSanfordSMU) March 27, 2014

Dr. Hyer

Celebrating the #YearOfTheFaculty @SMU. Dr. Hyer leads front and center during the 1920s. pic.twitter.com/KBLjgUk7nR

— SMU CUL (@SMUCUL) February 20, 2014

Dr. Miguel Quiñones

Honored to be featured on @SMU #YearOfTheFaculty. http://t.co/eyyIPNEZyV

— Dr. Miguel Quiñones (@mickeyquinones) April 15, 2014

A memory submitted by Ashley Garner

@SMUShoutOut celebrates the #YearOfTheFaculty Check out my friend Meaghan and her professor Dr. Bonnie Jacobs #selfie pic.twitter.com/JVtnUKf2UP

— Ashley Garner (@Ashley_Garner1) March 28, 2014

A memory submitted by Bob Norman

My favorite prof was Dr. Cheatum, biology. Knew him the rest of his life. In fact I took him to the cancer clinic in Houston, his last trip. His favorite trick in freshman boys was to let them call him [...]

A memory submitted by Alex Keller, Class of 1955

Actually, I had two “favorites,” Jerry Drake and George Zeiss. Both taught Marketing. It’s been a long time ago and I really don’t have specifics to offer except they both were very interested in any student who gave a damn.

A memory submitted by Ben Sanders, Class of 1970

My favorite professor was Dr. Roland Porth in the business school. I attended SMU from 1966 to 1970 and graduated with a BBA in accounting in 1970. I had Dr. Porth for “Federal Income Tax” my junior year. He was [...]

A memory submitted by Bob Klein

No question it was Zeb Freeman. He was an instructor in one of the accounting classes. Sort of an intense fellow. Steered us into taking the Civil Service exam for the position of Internal Revenue Service for the position of [...]

A memory submitted by Chris Fontenot

Are you joking, hands down Professor Christopher Hanna is the greatest professor the world over! There were students who once challenged his knowledge of a particular taxation issue. They asked a very detailed question. He turned to them and within [...]

A memory submitted by Chris Terhune

Easily Al Casey. His breadth of experience was amazing and he candidly shared so much during his classes. One of my favorite stories was when he was CEO of American Airlines and had to work through the issue between AA [...]

A memory submitted by Colin Ford

Favorite professors were Jim Gallien, Peter Noble, and Gabriella Vokic. Professor Noble and Gallien were advertising professors and taught me so much. They challenged us to be better than we thought we could be and were very inspirational. Professor Vokic [...]

A memory submitted by Craig Conaster

I would say Bonnie Wheeler was #1 for me. She taught my Core Class freshman year and various English/Lit classes and also headed up my summer at Oxford. She is brilliant, fun and really inspired me to push myself and [...]

A memory submitted by John Rogers, Class of 1978

Professor Fredrick Lee in Organizational Behavior. Fred brought many interesting case studies to the program from his business background and experiences which just made the class sing. A sincere person, cared for his students and relished his assignment at SMU. [...]

A memory submitted by James Stroman

My favorite professor at SMU was Dr. Virginia Baker Long. I took a Business English class from her. She said to me “Why don’t you become a secretary? The Ford Motor Company now has more male secretaries than female secretaries [...]

A memory submitted by John Winn, Class of 1954

I graduated from Perkins School of Theology at SMU in 1954. These years, 1951-1954, were significant years at Perkins, not only because of the integration of the student body, but also because of the influx of so many outstanding new [...]

A memory submitted by Livonia Gloves

Lon Tinkle ( English): going to one of his lectures was like going to the best play or movie. He was insightful, fun, entertaining and knowledgeable. I can still remember his wild white flowing hair and mustache. What a great [...]

A memory submitted by Mike Warnock

Probably Dr. Banewitz, a chemistry professor in the late 50’s and 60’s. Once he pretended to accidentally suck some acid into his mouth through a tube and spit out bits of corn making us think it was his teeth.

A memory submitted by Phillip Kotiza

It was one of the required freshman English classes and I think she could have been a graduate student because she wasn’t all that much older than I was. I don t remember her name — but what I do [...]

A memory submitted by Ruth Stacy, Class of 1960

E. L. Callahan of the school of journalism was my favorite. He was very accessible and gave good advice. When I was going to my very first journalists’ convention in Denver, he advised me, “I don’t think you have ever drunk much [...]

A memory submitted by Elliott S. Sanford, Class of 1988

Must say my favorite professor was Howard Taunenfeld. Great International Law teacher with tons of personal experience to share. Having aid that, will never forget the astonished look on my classmate’s face when Professor Taubenfeld casually grabbed her Property Law [...]

A memory submitted by L W Murphey

There were several professors who were my favorites. One of them was Dr. Jeskey, professor of chemistry; he has a great sense of humor and also the ability to teach chemistry to more than 100 of us at a time. [...]

A memory submitted by Buddy Miller

My favorite professor at SMU, Perkins School of Theology, was Dr. Albert Outler. He was a brilliant and humble man with a Georgia background and accent. Dr. Outler was a member of the Faith and Order Board of the World [...]

A memory submitted by Tom Hardee

My favorite professor was Frank Young, a really special person. am forwarding an email I recently sent to him which explains my true feelings. Please feel free to edit as you see fit.


Dear Frank,

It’s hard to believe [...]

A memory submitted by Quino Martinez, Class of 1995

By far, my favorite classes at SMU were Doc Breeden’s history courses. Doc’s passion for history and, in particular, the history of the southern United States, made his classes come alive for me in ways that other subjects and courses [...]

A memory submitted by Fred Skaggs, Class of 1960

Dr. Curry, an accounting professor from whom I took many hours of accounting. He was the best and made a profound impact upon my education. The thing that has stayed with me and influenced my life all these years is [...]

A memory submitted by Shelley Singleton, Class of 1982

Dr. Roger Kerin always greeted you with a smile and encouraged his students to be inquisitive. I worked on a psychographic marketing research study concerning drinkers of Dr. Pepper! It was so much interesting learning the differences between students who [...]

A memory submitted by Carl Sewell, Class of 1966

Dr. Richard Johnson taught me and so many others the value of education. His pragmatic approach opened our minds and his humor and genuine concern for his students won our hearts. We all benefited from our time with Dick Johnson.

A memory submitted by Catherine Pruett

John Edwards Price changed my life forever as a pianist, a musician and a person. Back in the day when teachers still smoked in their studios and the music teachers were true to themselves and their music, this gentle man [...]

A memory submitted by Janey Goff McIntire, Class of 1961

My favorite professor was Dr. Paul Boller! In 1957, a naive little freshman wandered into this brilliant man’s history class. The room was electric, the class was on fire. Dr. Boller’s energy, enthusiasm, and incredible knowledge took my breath away. During [...]

A memory submitted by Bala Shetty, Class of 1985

I am forever grateful for the impact Professor Jeff Kennington has had on my career. Not only he was a great teacher but also one of the finest human beings you will ever meet. Professor Kennington was kind, thoughtful, and [...]

A memory submitted by R. Bruce Moon, Class of 1981

I have two.

Franklin Balch was smart, entertaining, and interested in his students, both in class and out. He took a personal interest in his student’s intellectual progress, and their personal well-being. Our freshman small group seminar met in his [...]

A memory submitted by Lucy Kerley, Class of 2010

Professor Birrell was great. He always had interesting stories and was so smart. His classes were great. One time I remember him walking through campus with a giant inflatable figure from “The Scream”. He was a awesome teacher.

A memory submitted by Walter Judge, Class of 1941

Dr. Edwin J . Foscue, Geography. His classes were always fun. We not only discussed the daily assignment but current events & politics. The discussions were lively and everyone participated. I had enough hours in Geography to change my major.

A memory submitted by Louann Gary, Class of 1976

John Jacoby was one of my professors for “the living and learning” experiment that was launched my freshman year. Everyone in the humanities class lived on the same floor of the dormitory. I so enjoyed the class with Dr. Jacoby [...]

A memory submitted by Lynda Young Kaffie, Class of 1976

Dan Wingren – his brilliantly creative way of bringing contemporary art history to life. I remember, especially, how during the first few moments of every class, he played music of the period we were studying often accompanied by film or [...]

A memory submitted by Anthony Indelicato, Class of 1995

My favorite SMU professor was my printmaking professor, Laurence Scholder. He let us learn and pursue our artistic interests within the context of the class. He gave guidance and examples without taking control of our art. He was a mentor [...]

A memory submitted by Suzanna Penn, Class of 1975

Without a doubt my favorite SMU professor is Mary Vernon. I took two or three semesters of her Art History classes in ’73-’75 time span. I was not an art major, nevertheless, not only did I gain a deep appreciation [...]

A memory submitted by Bob Dudley, Class of 1979

Dr. Ed Barrett.

He was the paper chase professor of SMU in 1979 in accounting! He was a superb and stressful teacher. He also led the Maguire Oil and Gas Institute in its first years, which as his grad assistant, [...]

A memory submitted by Randy Krone, Class of 1983

Took a 1982/1983 two-week interterm trip with about a dozen other students to Hollywood with Professors Jay Swartz (advertising/public relations) and Bill Jones (film). We were given the chance to spend the first week visiting movie studios (Warner Brothers, Columbia, [...]

A memory submitted by Tom Eames, Class of 1969

Jack Stibor.

I took macro economics from Jack.

He introduced me to the concept of a “value judgment”. It has helped me sort through the presentations of “facts” that really reflect the values of the presenter. It was [...]

A memory submitted by Joseph Newman, Class of 1983

Dr. Lonnie Kliever was a professor of religion and really opened my eyes and mind with his classes. I was a pre-med student and took some very challenging and difficult classes. Dr. Kliever’s Philosophy of Religion was one of the [...]

A memory submitted by Kay Barber Dalton, Class of 1981

Dr. Charles Helfert!

Dr. Helfert’s entire semester of the drama class, Mirror of the Ages! Spring-’81

His smile, laugh, total encouragement and acceptance of any crazy idea we came up with! An assignment to highlight our talent – I drew [...]

A memory submitted by Jana Wallis, Class of 2008

My entire experience in the Journalism department was incredible and I would love to list every single one of my professors (full-time and adjunct) as my “favorite”.

Tony Pederson’s class on ethics was always insightful and intriguing, and attending [...]

A memory submitted by Mike Holt, Class of 1972

Without a doubt the greatest teacher I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in their class was Lon Tinkle. I only wish I was able to tell him that today.

Prof. Tinkle maybe had 20 students signed up for [...]

A memory submitted by Jeff Lamberth, Class of 1988

Paul Rogers — simply a first class professor and friend.

Was our “chaperone” in Oxford, England. An excellent teacher and genuinely cared about his students. Accomplished many important milestones while dean of the law school. The stories from [...]

A memory submitted by Keith Castleberry, Class of 2005

The mentorship, leadership, friendship, and professional career guidance provided by Dr. Jerrell Stracener, Systems Engineering Program Director. Without a doubt, the very best educational experience which has had a direct impact on achieving a variety of career goals.

A memory submitted by Mark Logan, Class of 1992

Never before and never since have I witnessed a lecturer captivate an audience so wholly as to elicit a standing ovation at the conclusion of every single session. Dr. Alessandra Comini folded art history lessons so masterfully into a period [...]

A memory submitted by Bob Emrich, Class of 1970

John Stieber, Professor of Economic Policy, Ph.D.

I had the pleasure of taking a graduate level course in econ that John was teaching at the Cox School of Business. This wasn’t my first economics class, but it was far [...]

A memory submitted by Paul Dague, Class of 1958

Dr. Harold Jeskey. A wonderful man that helped many students both at school and and was very good to help people both at SMU and in their business life.

He help many students get into Medical School and was [...]

A memory submitted by Doug Genn, Class of 1973

The marketing department was a mess in 1969 – 1970. In 1971 or 72 the Business school brought in Tom Barry and another marketing professor they rejuvenated the department. I considered my classes with Tom the best that I took [...]

A memory submitted by Hal Easter, Class of 1977

Dr. Lloyd Pfautsch, choral conducting professor. Wonderful people skills, great at making the seemingly daunting task simpler, taught us to analyze and break down complex pieces into approachable components, then rehearse properly until the expected result happened every time. His [...]

A memory submitted by Janece Wooley, Class of 1992

Of all my Psych professors, Dr. Pennebaker’s tests were so crucial that the sinister look he had passing out the test has never left my memory bank!

Dr. Tedford, however, who rarely came to class without his signature [...]

A memory submitted by Edward Vela, Jr., Class of 1970

First, my educational experience at SMU was very different from UT/Austin where I earned a B.A. and graduated with honors. At SMU, there was much more opportunity, even encouragement, to consult with faculty on questions and problems. It is simply [...]

A memory submitted by Jim Cash, Class of 1976

David Springate taught me to not only us the skills that I had acquired in undergraduate and graduate but taught me how to perform in depth analysis. He essentially taught me how to think like a professional. He also got [...]

A memory submitted by Ronal Stuart, Class of 1968

I began SMU at Dallas College night school. I transferred in with a disaster transcript. The University didn’t want to accept me in the College of Business. I was taking a course taught by Frank Young an had ended the [...]

A memory submitted by Bob Byrd, Class of 1969

Dr. Hobgood, chairman of the theatre department, realized that I was lonely on my first Thanksgiving in Dallas. He took me with his family to a dinner at a restaurant and then to a movie.

I was sick [...]

A memory submitted by Eric Nohe, Class of 1983

I attended “Composer’s Seminar” with Donald Erb. Erb is an historically important composer. Erb exposed us to freedom in in modern composition while rejecting the soul-deadening restrictions of serialism.

Erb demonstrated important techniques of composition: thickening and thinning of [...]

A memory submitted by James Cornelius, Class of 1977

My favorite professor was Frank Young, Insurance, Cox School of Business. I took every class he taught because he made so interesting the normally dry subject of insurance. He had a practical and oftentimes humorous approach to the curriculum which [...]

A memory submitted by Paul Parkey, Class of 1983

Favorite professors: Sam Zimmerman, Spanish Phonetics and Spanish Literature. Rama Ramachandran, Economics.

Zimmerman, learned linguist, loved alliteration illustrating flow of beautiful romance language if one were to be not only understood, but embraced. Zimmerman was teacher who made [...]

A memory submitted by Jan Williams, Class of 1982

Because of Alessandra Comini I now have a minor in art history. I took my first art history class my sophomore year and became enthralled with the subject. Comini was like watching a one man show. She acted, sang and [...]

A memory submitted by Ron Grant, Class of 1969, 1972

So many greats – In undergraduate – Dr. Elmer Cheatum (biology), Dr. Caldwell (English), Dr. Brown (government), Ann Thomas (government), Dr. Ballard and Dr. Hawkes (both history), Dr. Fred Wendorf (Nature of Man). In law school, Dr. Joseph W. McKnight, [...]

A memory submitted by Steve Hixon, Class of 1975

I had some great professors, but for sheer passion, creativity and enthusiasm I would have to say that Mary Vernon was my favorite. I took one or two art history courses from her. I later took more art history classes [...]

A memory submitted by Jeff Sexton, Class of 2004

I was looking to redirect my career when I entered SMU after over ten years of working in progressing roles in engineering. Always being analytical, and numbers focused, I felt a path in finance would be a natural fit – [...]

A memory submitted by Luis Gonzalez, Class of 1989

Alessandra Comini

Her survey course of 20th century art was by far the best class I ever took. At 26, working toward graduate degrees in administration, I seriously considered starting over again and studying art history. Dr. Comini enchanted [...]

A memory submitted by Eric Rhein, Class of 1983

Professor John Kennedy was the best teacher I ever had. He was funny, absent minded, appeared to teach on the fly, and would sometimes bring the wrong text to class or would walk into the wrong lecture hall in the [...]

A memory submitted by Sherri Price, Class of 1983

Dr. John M. Claunch. Such a brilliant man but extremely giving of his time and knowledge. He taught government and was Dean of Poly Sci and Dean of Dallas College. He wasn’t easy but always fair, and he loved SMU. [...]

A memory submitted by Tracy Machado, Class of 1995

I have a short list of favorite professors from my time at SMU. Each of these professors had a lasting impact on my career and life.

In no particular order:

– Jonathon Sokobin, corporate finance. Professor Sokobin’s course [...]

A memory submitted by Tonya McKinney, Class of 1986

Dr. Suzyn Ornstein (taught Organizational Behavior) made a huge impact on how I viewed the future and how change and adapting to change can to a large degree determine your level of happiness. She was such a great teacher and [...]

A memory submitted by Jack Jacobsen, Class of 1961

Field trip to the Solatario Region in the Big Bend area with Dr. Herrin. He was completing a study of that region and he took his class to help “carry equipment”. This field trip, I believe, occurred in 1959. Great [...]

A memory submitted by Christian Wik, Class of 1985

Joseph Jude Norton was my favourite professor during my one year LLM studies 1984-1985. He was sort of our campus father and always took care of our interest and well being also outside the studies by inviting us to his [...]

A memory submitted by David Ziff, Class of 1966

Joe Franchina was a new psychology assistant professor who needed help in his lab. I worked for him for two years, babysat his daughter at times and we published some research together. He gave me a table to work at [...]

A memory submitted by John Falb, Class of 1967, 1969

Dr. David Ott, Professor of Economics

Sometime in the early 60’s, Dr. Johnston took over the Economics Department at SMU. His first achievement was to bring in a number of extremely gifted young professors (Dr. Lovejoy, Dr. Peterson, Dr. [...]

A memory submitted by John Heberle, Class of 1967

Favorite professor was John Nabholtz. Professor of Accounting. I was in his class for beginning accounting as a Sophomore and advanced accounting as a Senior. A great instructor. I passed the Texas CPA exam on my first sitting during the [...]

A memory submitted by Cindi Lambert, Class of 1985

Virginia Currey was my favorite professor. I enjoyed her classes so much that I took most of the ones she taught. During the Eighties, the women’s movement was still crystallizing and coming around to main stream society. Dr. Currey encouraged [...]

A memory submitted by Brian Minietta, Class of 1999

My faculty memory involves Dr. Joerg Rieger.

When I was a seminary student, we had a project called the “West Dallas Work Project.” Dr. Rieger always taught that you must do theology with “dirt under your fingernails.” These were [...]

A memory submitted by Charlie Dennis, Class of 1963, 1967

My Favorites (all deceased):

1) Dr. Harold Jeskey, Chemistry Professor, made the chemistry subject very funny at times and enjoyable always.

2) Dr. Jack P. Holman, Mechanical Engineering Professor, for his astute and good instruction for both Dynamics [...]

A memory submitted by David Wilemon, Class of 1960

My favorite professor was Dr. Frank Millar, Professor of Marketing. He was very knowledgeable about marketing and his theories were backed by real world experience. His classes were interesting and he always demonstrated an interest in each of his students. [...]

A memory submitted by Keith Durrett, Class of 1981

My favorite SMU faculty member was Dr. John Peavy, Professor of Finance in the Cox School of Business. Dr. Peavy was an excellent communicator who excelled in simplifying complex concepts and applications.

Prior to taking several courses from [...]

A memory submitted by Don Averitt, Class of 1959

My favorite professor was Roland Porth. He taught several accounting courses but the ones I really liked was the Income tax courses. I originally intended to major in finance and after one class in accounting I found it difficult but [...]

A memory submitted by Sara Ross, Class of 1998

Dr. Samuel Zimmerman – he was an engaging professor. Thoughtful, fun, both interested & interesting. He made Spanish fun! He helped me figure out how to add my Latin American Studies degree with only one additional class. He was a [...]

A memory submitted by Dana Cope, Class of 1991

Without a doubt Dr. Virginia Curry.

It was always exciting to see Dr. Curry arrive at the classroom having just ridden her motorcycle to campus and wearing her boots, cowboy hat with yellow rose attached and a cigarette [...]

A memory submitted by Bob King, Class of 1983

Dr. Franklin Balch was not only a brilliant professor who challenged my thinking and taught me how to write at the university level — he also cared deeply about his students as people. He was my academic advisor and, coincidentally, [...]

A memory submitted by Ann Blasdel, Class of 1987

Loved having Dan Howard as my Marketing professor. I still enjoy watching commercials and looking at ads because of him. He gave interesting examples and some of his teachings still stay with me.

Also, never liked modern art so [...]

A memory submitted by Lee Werner, Class of 1970

Mary Vernon (although there were MANY others as well).

She was knowledgeable and dedicated to her field which was demonstrated in an enthusiast and exciting introduction to art history. She greatly influenced my decision to concentrate on that [...]

A memory submitted by Robert Buell, Class of 1977

Ilya Mamantov, Russian Language Professor, had a real connection with students as well as being an outstanding teacher. My favorite memory was when he had a group of students to his residence for Easter dinner, Russian style…. best Easter ever. [...]

A memory submitted by David Bacon, Class of 1975

Dr. Barney McGrath was one of the main reasons I attended SMU. He answered a letter that I wrote the school asking about admission with “We’d LOVE for you to come to SMU” with a personal invitation for a school [...]

A memory submitted by Nelson Hernandez, Class of 2008

To me, Dr. Roger Dickey was the most influential professor that I had. It was an absolute privilege to attend several classes that he taught. It started with a freshman level class – something like Introduction to Environmental Engineering; he [...]

A memory submitted by Kim Titus, Class of 1982

Dr. James B. “Barney” McGrath was my undergraduate and graduate advisor as well as being the department chair. He was always supportive even when he was having to be directive. I knew Dr. McGrath was an SMU graduate, himself, but [...]

A memory submitted by Wanda Kohl, Class of 1971

John Lundsford was my favorite Art History professor. He taught Pre Columbian Art and was fantastic. He made the culture and the people who created the works of art and architecture come alive so that we who were privileged enough [...]

A memory submitted by Linda White, Class of 1976

Luis Martin – what memories I have of this wonderful professor! He was my favorite professor for many reasons. He was energetic in the classroom and brought Latin American and Spanish History and literature to life. He took a group [...]

A memory submitted by Janet Dizinno, Class of 1978

While I don’t have one single favorite memory, I do have a favorite professor: Dr. Robert G. Folger.

I attended SMU’s master’s program in social and organizational psychology, and Rob, as his graduate students called him, was my professor [...]

A memory submitted by Greg Thompson MD, Class of 1985

I had so many fabulous memories of great faculty that are too numerous to mention. The chemistry and biology departments had wonderful faculty that made my experience fun. Ubelaker, Biehl, King, etc.

However my favorite memories were studying under [...]

A memory submitted by Jason Sewald, Class of 2003

Lee Gibson and Dr. Alice Kendrick. Mr. Gibson has dedicated his career to helping students enhance their English skills and donated countless hours to after school tutoring. He is a great man and a true asset to SMU. Dr. Kendrick [...]

A memory submitted by Jon Mamula, Class of 1983, 2003

Dr. William, “Bill” Stallcup was my freshman Biology teacher who went on to serve as interim President during a difficult time at SMU. Great teacher, always helpful and encouraging even to a long haired soccer player who had no foundation [...]

A memory submitted by Mary Ann Lee, Class of 1967

I actually had 2 favorite faculty members: Dr. John Deschner and Dr. Albert Outler. Both not only talked the talk, but they walked the walk as Christians. They were kind, true gentle men, brilliant in terms of their subjects, but [...]

A memory submitted by Art Buhl, Class of 1972

William Stieber – Economics.

Professor Stieber peaked my Interest in an academic area I was not strong in, and taught things I even use today.

Most of all, he took personal interest in my progress, sponsoring me as [...]

A memory submitted by Faulk Landrum, Class of 1961

It’s hard to choose. We listened to Shubert Ogden’s lectures (Ogden was a brilliant theologian), and Van Harvey translated them into English for us. It’s very hard to choose, but perhaps my favorite was Dr. Fred Galey (sp.?), in New [...]

A memory submitted by Ralph shive, Class of 1975

In my four years at SMU, ’71-’74, I had the pleasure of having classes with Dr. Donald F. Jackson in three of them. Beyond the finance material, Dr. Jackson had real world stories about the winners and losers in the [...]

A memory submitted by James Cribbs, Class of 1980

Dr. Jim Hopkins teaching a class about Victorian and Edwardian England. He came into class on the day a national election was held in Britain (in which Margaret Thatcher was eventually elected) wearing what he called a “worker’s cap” to [...]

A memory submitted by James Fulton, Class of 1956, 1958

Dr. John M. Claunch, Chairman of the Department of Government and Dean of Dallas College (SMU’s then night school in Downtown Dallas).

Dr. Claunch influenced me with his personal interest in local government as an undergraduate and he began [...]

A memory submitted by William Grumbles, Class of 1971

During my Sophomore and Junior years as a non-Business undergraduate, I would hear very good reports from my Business School peers about a professor they referred to as “Young Don” Jackson. Second semester of my Senior year I registered for [...]

A memory submitted by Max Jackson, Class of 1964

There were several faculty members in the Music School that I remember fondly, but the ones that had the greatest impact on me were Paul Velucci and David Ahlstrom. Both these men were encouraging to students and had time to [...]

A memory submitted by John Greer, Class of 1976

Dr. Barney McGrath, Chair of the Department of Broadcast and Film, reminding us of our responsibility as communicators to be objective, and to let the camera lens tell the story.

Dr. Brad Carter (Political Science), for his lectures that [...]

A memory submitted by Bartis Kent, Class of 1944

Dr. William Mayne Longnecker was the most dedicated professor to helping his students obtain a higher education. He went the extra mile in professionally and personally helping them and inspiring them to exert their best efforts.

A memory submitted by Larry Maday, Class of 1973

Dr. Maryhelen Vannier had the greatest life-changing impact upon me at SMU. In the course of required work to secure a 2nd teaching field in physical education, I took a recreation class under her instruction. I was inspired to the [...]

A memory submitted by Chloe Madinger, Class of 2012

Professor Swann is my favorite professor because she was the hardest and I learned the most. She gave me confidence and taught me a lot about analyzing English literature. She also was very involved in getting to know her students [...]

A memory submitted by Sheryl (Sherry) Black, Class of 1980

Dr. Mary Alice Gordon (retired emerita 1997) helped me discover an interest in the psychology of human/group interaction, leading me to Organizational Development. We discovered a connection through a related family of mine (Including the Dean of Dedman at the [...]

A memory submitted by Rick Hebert, Class of 1972

The entire faculty of the Perkins School of Theology: passionate, brilliant, engaging, embracing, community-minded, manifesting the Wesleyan “formula” for uniting “knowledge and vital piety”: the interweaving quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience.

A memory submitted by Buddy Ozanne, Class of 1970

Marshall Terry was a fabulous Creative Writing professor. Periodically, he would hold sessions at his home on Lovers Lane, usually to have completed stories read aloud by student authors in the class. One evening at one such session, Tom Harlen [...]

A memory submitted by Martha Acosta, Class of 1996

One of the professors at Cox who made an impact on my career was Robert Rasberry. He reminded us that ethics was a critical part of business and he encouraged my inquiry into ethical leadership and organizational behavior. I have [...]

A memory submitted by Marie M. Greene, Class of 1985

As an educator myself, I recall James K. Hopkins’ electrifying and spicy lectures in Elizabethan and Victorian history. What fun! In turn, I shared his infectious knowledge, intrigue, and fun with my own students through the years. Though retired from [...]

A memory submitted by Bryan Ellett, Class of 2002

Bill Barnard changed my life. Taking his “Intro to Primal Religions” opened my eyes to cultures that see the world in ways we can’t even imagine, magical worlds that are not always beholden to the “laws of the universe” that [...]

A memory submitted by Tim Stevenson, Class of 1976

Dr. Kenneth Shields made a permanent mark on my life through his encouragement. His positive attention regarding my writing helped shape my future, as I went on to write eight published books, including a novel, and hundreds of articles and [...]

A memory submitted by Ken Foote, Class of 1975

My favorite faculty member was Dr. James B. McGrath, Chairman of the RTF Department in the Meadows School Of Arts. Barney, as we knew him after school, was the most kind individual on the planet and loved the students. He [...]

A memory submitted by Ray Hall, Class of 1943

Dean Hauhart, School of Business Administration, taught that during World War Two, the major financial concerns were 1) how are we going to pay for the costs of war; and 2) inflation. He taught that the Government has a printing [...]

A memory submitted by Marylou Clark, Class of 1956

Because of J. Lon Tinkle, I majored in French. He was Book Editor of the Dallas Morning News, while serving as a French professor at SMU. His classes were primarily Comparative Literature. He compared Tolstoy with Flaubert. His lectures were [...]

A memory submitted by Mark Ussery, Class of 1960

Dr. Richards was one of my professors in Geology. It was a requirement to take a summer course and Dr. Richards agreed to teach the course. The plan was to travel to Nevada and study the mining operation at the [...]

A memory submitted by Molly Burke, Class of 1965

Dr. Kerbow, my French professor, was a special favorite. He took an interest in all his students and was especially kind to me as I was the only freshman in his advanced classes. His encouragement and expert tutelage enabled me [...]

A memory submitted by Jane Davis, Class of 1973

My favorite professor at SMU was Dr. Ray Buchanan. Dr. Buchanan was an expert in Russian History, which he brought to life every week in class. He was kind and understanding, and made a special effort to make each student [...]

A memory submitted by Lisa Dupree, Class of 1989

Dr. William Pulte was a huge inspiration to me.

I studied at SMU originally to obtain my Bilingual/ESL certification in 1987. After studying with Dr. Pulte that summer, he encouraged me to apply for a scholarship to get [...]

A memory submitted by Melinda Hipp, Class of 1989

As an Arts Administration member of Class IV, I had the distinct honor of spending one year with Lanham Deahl and one year with John Graham as our head faculty member in the ARAD program. While very different personalities and [...]

A memory submitted by Corbin Doyle, Class of 1990

I remember drawing all of the time during and between my science classes. Someone said I should talk to someone in the art department about taking an art class. I took my science notebooks to the art department. I sheepishly [...]

A memory submitted by Jeff Labala, Class of 1981

There were wonderful faculty members at SMU. One memory among the many memories of my years at SMU that stands out was a professor coming to my residence hall on a Saturday morning to deliver my semester exam booklets. He [...]

A memory submitted by Kenneth Jones, Class of 1966

My favorite SMU professor was Melvin A. Riley, C.P.A.

I thought he was an outstanding teacher. I had him for several very difficult accounting courses. He could lead us through very complex problems in a very understandable way.


A memory submitted by K Conner, Class of 1952

Harold Jeskey was hands down the best for me! Organic chemistry was his signature course. His lectures were filled with information and entertaining, tests were fair, and I learned how to study and be tested on the data. He never [...]

A memory submitted by Walt Stickel, Class of 1968

Favorite Professor name = Dr. Longnecker, who lived on Lovers Lane !!

Most entertaining professor= Dr. Harold Jeskey, who taught organic chemistry. His double entendres were legendary and he’d say on Friday;

“Hit those alcohols hard this weekend. [...]

A memory submitted by Glenn Askew, Class of 1958,1959

I had the pleasure of taking freshman English under Prof. Marshall Terry in Fall, 1954, his first year as a teaching professor. He was always an interesting and inspiring teacher who challenged his students to think and seek solid references [...]

A memory submitted by Susan Pollan, Class of 1973

My favorite faculty member was Bill Fox, who taught Humanities. He was my advisor, so we became friends. He was a wonderful teacher, both interesting to and interested in all of his students. He helped me navigate my first two [...]

A memory submitted by Gene Mace, Class of 1958

Dr. Fred Gealy — I came to Perkins School of Theology with a divisional science major from college. At Perkins I found a major change in having to read books rather than pages for assignments. I went to Dr. Gealy, [...]

A memory submitted by Gordon Roe, Class of 1960

Dr. Frederick Gealy made an impact on the school. He taught New Testament and was director of the Seminary Singers. I signed up for several elective classes in New Testament and was also in Singers. We sang in Chapel on [...]

A memory submitted by Gary Jacobs, Class of 1990

I probably learned the most useful information during the MBA program from Jerry White. He had a real talent for converting theory into reality and almost 25 years later I can still remember his classes better than anyone else’s. I [...]

A memory submitted by Jana Wallis, Class of 2008

My entire experience in the Journalism Department was incredible, and I would love to list every single one of my professors (full-time and adjunct) as my “favorite.”

Tony Pederson’s class on ethics was always insightful and intriguing, and attending SMU-in-London [...]

A memory submitted by Dana Cope, Class of 1991

Without a doubt Dr. Virginia Curry.

It was always exciting to see Dr. Curry arrive at the classroom having just ridden her motorcycle to campus and wearing her boots, cowboy hat with yellow rose attached and a cigarette between her [...]

A memory submitted by Bob Byrd, Class of 1969

Dr. Hobgood, chairman of the theatre department, realized that I was lonely on my first Thanksgiving in Dallas. He took me with his family to a dinner at a restaurant and then to a movie.

I was sick once, and [...]

A memory submitted by James Cornelius, Class of 1977

My favorite professor was Frank Young, Insurance, Cox School of Business.

I took every class he taught because he made so interesting the normally dry subject of insurance. He had a practical and oftentimes humorous approach to the curriculum which [...]