I enjoyed my time at SMU having started in January of 2012. I am aiming to be an art director at an advertising agency and have had many opportunities to network with people in the field thanks to the incredible staff at SMU. I have come so far at SMU, and graduated early this past December. I feel prepared to enter into the ‘real world’ after the past few years of being guided and mentored by the faculty in the Advertising institute. If it weren’t for the scholarship I was awarded I would not be able to remain a student at SMU. The wealth that I have gained in thanks to your generosity is unmeasurable. I have been motivated to work as hard as possible at SMU as a way to say thank you to all who have helped me to reach this place in my life. I am looking forward to what the future will bring to me, and will never forget that helping others, as you have helped me, is always the best thing to do.
– Traci Penn ’14