Looking back on my two and a half years at Southern Methodist University, I also wanted to let you know how much my Scholarship has meant to me. In June of 2011, I had accepted admission to a good state university within the Dallas area, even though my heart (and mind) really desired to attend Southern Methodist University. However, it was my scholarship notification letter dated June 20, 2011 that would alter the course of not only my education–but my life forever. It was not a letter I ever expected to receive and I had absolutely no anticipation of its arrival. I visually remember sitting in my car and opening the mail that day, realizing what an amazing opportunity the letter contained, and staring at it (for what seemed like an eternity) in utter disbelief. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to sit in a classroom in Dallas Hall and learn about different religions that make up the world. Thank you for the opportunity to be taught by the amazing professors and business leaders in the Cox School of Business while sitting next to some of the sharpest new business minds that I could have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for that summer day in 2011 when what seemed like a far-fetched dream became a reality; and thank you for what my future now holds because of it.

– Deanna Daniels