I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico in a small rural town where one is lucky to even have an education past the 6th grade.  My parents wanted a better education for my older brother and I which prompted them to save up everything they could to come to the United States.  I never thought that I would have the opportunity to go to college one day. Somewhere along the way I began to dream big and I did everything I could to make my dream of going to college a reality.  I received my acceptance letter but was worried about how I was going to pay for school because my family is from a low income home. This is my second year at SMU and I could not be any happier.  I am an art history major with a minor in psychology recently was recognized for excelling academically.  I loved Professor Rodriguez’s Art and Context class and Professor Bergman-Carton’s classes because they have been the most challenging courses so far. SMU is the place where my dreams are becoming a reality. It is my home away from home and I have been offered many opportunities that I may not have had anywhere else. I have learned to blossom from a shy young woman to a young woman with a voice. I had never experienced many of the opportunities that I have had here at school and I am grateful for everything. I have no idea as to what I would be doing right now if I had not received my scholarship. I am thankful to you for the opportunities that I have had attending SMU and the great people I have met. The knowledge and experiences that I am gaining here at SMU have been made possible because of your scholarship and I will forever be grateful for it.
– Belem De La Fue