My life at SMU has been amazing. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I am reminded every day about the amazing opportunities here at SMU. For example, I joined the mob and was a part of the “Moody Magic” here on campus. Our basketball team has done amazing. All of my professors are just simply brilliant – the most intelligent people I have ever met. I am a Freshman though I already have an internship with a brokerage firm in Uptown Dallas at the Crescent. How does that happen anywhere besides SMU?! I am absolutely in love. This scholarship has made it so I can pursue every opportunity in my sights. Without it I would be working to go to school or at school elsewhere. I know that your generosity and kindness are the reasons that I am permitted to pave my path through the streets of Dallas. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be. My time here will lead to amazing things – I’m sure of it. This scholarship will allow me to save for graduate school, maybe even an MBA at SMU. Thank you so much, I know I wouldn’t be here without you.

– James Austin