“I have been a contributor to SMU since I became a faculty member in 1992. I increased my annual pledge several years ago significantly not only because of the capital campaign, but also because I realized that I will had invested more than half of my professional life as a professor in SMU. When I arrived on the faculty, I felt that my professional goals were in sync with SMU. In the last ten years, however, I realized that not only were most of my academic aspirations being realized in this University, but also that the University had contributed significantly to my growth as a scholar. Now, with retirement not too far away, I give because I hope that my modest donations will help assure the continuation of programs and values that I share with SMU. This generation of students is among the most talented and dedicated with whom I have worked in nearly 40 years of graduate teaching. My gifts are a small way of saying thanks to SMU for the privilege of being a part of their formation and contribution to my life.” – Michael Hawn


University Distinguished Professor of Church Music

STU UnGrad

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