Ware Commons Welcome Video 2014

Welcome to the W!

The Ware Residential Commons Leadership Core members (Kaleb Lee, Samiat Okoya, and  Jamie Hinz) with the help of Ware Faculty in Residence Tom Tunks and interim Ware Residential Community Director Sarah Ballman have been working since October 2103 to solidify the foundation of Ware Commons. This team of students, faculty, and staff has developed and created the Ware Commons crest, motto, values, traditions, and numerous other nuances that will be continued (hopefully) long into the future. The team’s hope was to create a plan that would enable residents of Ware to have a common experience regardless if they lived in Ware in 2014 or 2114. We look forward to creating lasting memories with you in the coming years!

The Ware Commons team created the above video to welcome the inaugural Ware Commons resident class to their new home.