Update to 2013 Summer Research Assistantships Guidelines: Deadline April 5th!

In response to very positive response on the original Announcement of the
full-time Summer Research Assistantships (SRAs) for 2013, we would like to
clarify to points concerning the matching funds.

For those applications that rely on a source of matching funds for which the
application is still pending, the SRA application should still be submitted by
the deadline for full consideration.  In this case, the application should

– mention of this status
– the name of the matching program (eg. McNair Scholars)
– the date that program’s application decisions are expected to be known. 

The latter is particularly important for external sources of funding.  SRA
approvals will be decided based on merit, but new openings may arise after the
deadline for full-consideration if any approved SRAs fail to secure matching

In a related situation, if a student is applying for an internship but would be
interested in applying for an SRA should the internship not become available,
the student should apply for SRA when they are informed of this status.

As a reminder, all full-time SRA application materials should be submitted to
the Director of Undergraduate Research at urdir@smu.edu. 

Additionally, because several other grant deadlines are also occurring by today
or tomorrow, the deadline for full-consideration of SRA applications is being
extended to April 5th.

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