Recap | How India is Making its Place in the World

India is making its place

The CFR’s Alyssa Ayres presents her new book at the Tower Center Feb. 20.

Alyssa Ayres, Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia at the Council of Foreign relations, visited the SMU Tower Center to talk about her new book, Our Time Has Come: How India is Making Its Place in the World. India has the third largest military in the world, it has the fifth largest defense budget, and it’s the world’s seventh largest economy.

Ayres argues that even though India still struggles with several social issues domestically, its sky-rocketing growth and newfound commitment to becoming a leading country means that the U.S. and the world at large need to reevaluate how they view India.

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Carolyn Smith-Morris discusses the Flu Epidemic on KERA

Tower Center Associate Carolyn Smith-Morris was interviewed by KERA News Radio about her upcoming talk at SMU: “The 1918 Flu Epidemic: A 2018 Perspective” Feb. 22. Smith-Morris described her interviews with those who lived in Ebola-affected neighborhoods, and argues that humans essentially respond with the same sort of fear to all epidemic threats.

“Fear is a real and biochemical and health event that we must acknowledge; we can’t just talk people out of it,” she said in the interview. “Until we have a perfect health world, we will not have perfectly calm people,.”

Listen to or read the interview with KERA here and register to attend the lecture Feb. 22 here.

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Center Spotlight | Matthew Wilson

Center Spotlight highlights Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson lectures at an SMU Tower Center event.

This month’s Center Spotlight highlights Matthew Wilson, SMU Tower Center senior fellow, associate professor of political science, and founding director of the Center for Faith and Learning. We asked him about the changing role of religion in domestic politics and which area of the world he is most fascinated with currently.

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Scholar Spotlight | Jump-starting political organizations on campus

For this month’s Scholar Spotlight we interviewed SMU Senior and HCM Tower Scholar Drew Wicker about his political activism on campus. Wicker is majoring in finance and plans to attend graduate school after graduating from SMU in May.

You founded Young Americans for Freedom at SMU and then re-established the College Republicans. Tell us about that experience and how those organizations fit into the campus and your life now.

scholar spotlight Drew Wicker

HCM Tower Scholar Drew Wicker speaks to his congressional district at the 2016 Texas Republican Convention.

I worked with another student my freshman year to start the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at SMU. I served as Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of that organization until my senior year (this year). During my time at YAF the SMU College Republicans went defunct as an organization and, with no one to lead it for the next year (my junior year), I was asked to step in and do a restart for the group.

I have served as president of College Republicans at SMU for these last two years, and also currently serve as vice chairman for the Texas Federation of College Republicans (the statewide organization for College Republicans). Both of these organizations have afforded me incredible experiences that have helped shape my worldview. YAF provided me with an insight into activism that I had lacked going into college. College Republicans allowed me to see that in order to create real, sustainable change with respect to promoting one’s personal beliefs, there must be a vehicle for that change (such as a political party). Continue reading

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Event Recap | The Duty to Disobey Illegal Nuclear Strike Orders

duty to disobey illegal nuclear strike

Anthony Colangelo discusses his paper with Diana Newton
at the SMU Tower Center Feb. 12.

With President Trump’s increasingly provocative tweets directed at North Korea and Kim Jong-un, people have becoming increasingly concerned with the seemingly unquestioned power the president has to order nuclear strikes. SMU Professor of Law Anthony Colangelo was no different. He drafted a paper on why there is a duty to disobey illegal nuclear strike orders, believing that in most scenarios, but not all, the use of such weapons would constitute a war crime.

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Speaker Q&A | The Life and Ideas of Liu Xiaobo

perry link discusses liu xiaobo

China expert Perry Link speaks at the SMU
Tower Center-Asian Studies program Feb. 8.

The SMU Tower Center and Asian Studies hosted Perry Link, author and translator of many influential works on Chinese language, literature, human rights and cultural history, at SMU Feb. 8 for the program “The Life and Ideas of Liu Xiaobo.” Liu Xiaobo was China’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate before he died in July while still serving a prison sentence for inciting subversion of the state. He was an outspoken critic of both the West and China, a poet, and a scholar. HCM Tower Scholar Destiny Rose Murphy interviewed Link about his research into Xiaobo’s life before the program.

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Symposium Recap | Japan-Mexico-Texas: Exploring Politics and Economics

Japan Mexico Texas Tower Center

The First panel discusses the politics of Japan, Mexico and Texas Jan. 30.

The SMU Tower Center Sun & Star Program on Japan and East Asia partnered with the SMU Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center for an all-day discussion of the Japan-Mexico-Texas economic and political relationship Jan. 30.

The first panel, which focused on how politics affect the economic relationship, featured Ulises Granados, professor and researcher at ITAM, and Justin Reeves, assistant professor of political science at SMU. The panel was moderated by the centers’ Executive Director Luisa del Rosal.

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Student Blog | Gente-fication: The Changing Face of Urban Development

genteficationThe SMU Tower Center and Latino Center for Leadership and Development co-hosted a policy forum discussing “gente-fication” and various policy solutions that could reduce the impact of the rising costs of housing and amenities for low-income locals. HCM Tower Scholar Destiny Rose Murphy wrote about what she learned.

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Event Recap | An Economist’s Case for Free Migration

economic case for free migration

Benjamin Powell presents at the SMU Tower Center Jan. 31.

Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute and professor of economics at Texas Tech University, visited the SMU Tower Center to give a lecture on why free migration makes economic sense.

The economic case for migration is simple: the more freely the factors of production, such as goods and services, natural resources, and labor, can move, the more efficient and productive the economy will be. Obviously, natural resources cannot be moved, which means the movement of labor is important in order to harness as much creative and productive potential as possible.

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Student Experience | Japan-U.S. Relations in the Changing World

The SMU Tower Center Sun & Star Japan-East Asia Program hosted the discussion “Japan-U.S. Relations in the Changing World” featuring Naoyuki Agawa, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, Jan. 30. SMU Junior and HCM Tower Scholar Destiny Rose Murphy wrote about her experience at the event.

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