Cullum Clark: How Geography Drives Inequality

We’re all familiar with the suburbs-to-downtown commute that many Americans make between their homes and jobs. But what happens when the suburbs stretch for hours outside the city center? In this summer’s edition of the Bush Institute’s Catalyst magazine, Tower Fellow Cullum Clark analyzed the impact of urban sprawl, industry clustering, and housing prices on wealth inequality.

“Most people can’t afford to live where the best opportunities are,” he wrote.

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Matthew Wilson Comments on Bipartisanship at Presidential Leadership Scholar Graduation

Tower Center Senior Fellow and SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson commented on the cross-aisle conversations that are taking place as Presidents Bush and Clinton met in Little Rock to celebrate the graduation of the 2018 Presidential Leadership Scholars.

“In this day and age, there’s so little cooperation across party lines and so much polarization that any program that can bring people together under Democrat and Republican to talk about solution-based approaches to public policy challenges and transcend partisanship is extremely welcome,” Wilson said.

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Student Experience | The Lazarus Effect 15 Years Later

Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars at the Bush Engage Event in May. From left to right: Sloane Fuller, Evan Snyder, Kelsey Shipman, Allison Schultz, Evie Mathis. Photo courtesy of HCM.

Five Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars attended the Bush Institute’s Engage event May 9, “The Lazarus Effect, 15 Years Later.” At the panel, Highland Capital Management Tower Scholar Allison Schultz learned about the connections between medicine and public policy, and what the U.S. can do about disease on a global scale. Continue reading Student Experience | The Lazarus Effect 15 Years Later

Tower Center and LCLD Award New Class of Research Grants

After receiving more than 50 applications from scholars across the United States, the Latino Center for Leadership and Development (LCLD) and the SMU Tower Center awarded seven grants to scholars earlier this month interested in understanding the Latino experience in the United States focusing on issues such as immigration and education.

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Sionaidh Douglass-Scott Warns Parliament Against Giving Away Power in Brexit

Tower Center Fellow Sionaidh Douglass-Scott wrote an article for the UK’s Prospect magazine criticizing the House of Commons for spending too little time reviewing amendments to the European Union Withdrawal Bill. The bill, which dictates that the European Union would no longer be able to pass laws directly affecting the UK after Brexit, was passed through the Commons in only two days, and without much debate.

Douglass-Scott warns that “…time is of the essence, and yet there is also a democratic imperative in adequate parliamentary scrutiny of all of this paradigm changing legislation.”

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The Tower Center and LatinoCLD Host National Conference, Release First Series of Policy Briefs

DALLAS, TX – The SMU Tower Center and Latino Center for Leadership and Development (LCLD) are hosting The Nation at a Crossroads: A National Latino Policy Conference on June 9 at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

The conference is designed to highlight and stimulate discussion on the issues most pressing to the Latino community in Texas and the broader U.S. The six panels, comprised of a mix of national experts, state and municipal leadership, as well as local stakeholders, will explore solutions around the 2020 Census, redistricting, voter rights, immigration, unaccompanied minors, and U.S. – Mexico relations.

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Why Aid Remains Out of Reach for Some Rohingya Refugees

Ashvina Patel, a PhD candidate at SMU’s Department of Anthropology,  wrote a piece for Sapiens explaining how healthcare eludes many Rohingya refugees in India despite the refugees having free access via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR. Patel spent 11 months with the Rohingya community in India for her research.

“The UNHCR does a lot of good, but the organization could do a better job addressing challenges refugees face in accessing the services to which they are permitted,” Patel wrote.

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Center Spotlight | Victoria Farrar-Myers

center spotlight victoria farrar myers
Victoria Farrar-Myers with her son in her chair at the Arlington City Council chambers.

This month’s spotlight is with Tower Scholars Program Director Victoria Farrar-Myers. Victoria sits on Arlington’s City Council and teaches classes within the Tower Scholars Program on public policy. Her research focuses on the democratic process and the separation of powers. We sat down with her to see what it’s like to wear two hats–one as a policymaker and another as a professor.

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Darab Ganji Calls on Trump to Support Freedom Movement in Iran

Tower Center Board Member and political economist Darab Ganji wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News after President Trump announced the U.S. would leave the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, colloquially known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Ganji opens his piece writing the decision was “a bold move that could be extremely positive or potentially disastrous for the civilized world.”

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