Tower Center Associate’s research featured in NYT Magazine

Tower Center Associate and SMU Law Professor Jenia Turner’s research was cited in an in-depth New York Times Magazine story looking at what happens when prosecutors violate the Brady rule and withhold key evidence from the defense.

Turner’s research, “Two Models of Pre-Plea Discovery in Criminal Cases: An Empirical Comparison,” published in the Washington and Lee Law Review in 2016, contrasted North Carolina’s open-file model for access to evidence presented in plea bargain cases with Virginia’s closed-file model. Turner and her coauthor Allison Redlich found that the open-file model is more efficient and promotes informed guilty pleas without endangering the safety of witnesses who testify, contrary to common arguments opposing open-file.

Read the New York Times Magazine article here.

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Karly Hanson

Karly Hanson is the Communications Coordinator for the SMU Tower Center. She graduated from SMU in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in journalism and international studies.