Immigration and Refugee Policy in Donald Trump’s America

Tower Center Director James Hollifield wrote an essay on immigration and President Trump in a roundtable edited by Tower Chair Joshua Rovner. The roundtable explores the question of national security in regards to Trump’s proposals.

“This question is particularly important given that the president has explicitly framed his executive orders as necessary to preserve national security,” Rovner wrote in the introduction. “None of the participants agree.”

Hollifield’s essay, Back to the Future:  Trump’s Executive Orders on Migration and Refugees, looks at the pattern of waves of nativist politics in American history and compares them to Trump’s rhetoric today.

Read the roundtable here.

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Karly Hanson

Karly Hanson is the Communications Coordinator for the SMU Tower Center. She graduated from SMU in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in journalism and international studies.