Texas-Mexico Center on the cover of Alliance Magazine – NAFTA

The Texas-Mexico Center made the cover of Alliance Magazine and in it, we give our perspective on how NAFTA has been critical for the economic growth for both Texas and Mexico. You can read the story in this link: https://issuu.com/alliancemagazine/docs/alliance_2029-nov-2017-isuu 

Modernizing NAFTA would help Texas: Amb. Earl Anthony Wayne

After our event “Texas Factor: Key Variable in the NAFTA Equation,” Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne wrote an article in the Houston Chronicle in which he states that Texas is the state that would lose the most if the ongoing NAFTA talks go wrong, but could have a lot more to gain if it spoke in favor of a modernized agreement. To read the article, click here.

Press coverage of Texas-Mexico Center’s NAFTA event

The Texas-Mexico Center featured Earl Anthony Wayne, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Chris Wallace, President of the Texas Business Association and Matthew Myers, Deans of the SMU Cox School of Business, in its event titled “The Texas Factor: Key Variable in the NAFTA Equation.” The event, done in collaboration with the Bipartisan Policy Center, focused on why NAFTA is key for Texas and why Texas should play a bigger part in the ongoing conversations. Read more about it in the press coverage both in Dallas and Mexico news outlets:


Dallas Business Journal:



Mexico national news:








Mexico Regional news:

http://www.unimexicali.com/noticias/estadosunidos/498400/en-negociacion-de-tlcan-estamos-jugando-con-fuego-exembajador-wayne.html   (Baja California)

https://www.elmanana.com/estamosjugandoconfuegoenlanegociaciondetlcanseriaungranerrorestrategico-4120533.html  (Tamaulipas)

http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/estadosunidos/498400/en-negociacion-de-tlcan-estamos-jugando-con-fuego-exembajador-wayne.html  (Baja California)

Texas-Mexico Center at NAFTA discussion panel

On June 19, the Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center collaborated on a panel discussion about NAFTA alongside the SMU Tower Center, the Bipartisan Center, the Bush Institute, NASCO and the World Affairs Council. Mission Foods CEO Javier Velez was one of the panelists, bringing insight about how the trade agreement is crucial for the business sector across the three countries on how it has helped transform Mexico into a more competitive country.

Representative Will Hurd, another one of the panelists, mentioned that “Texas must lead the way” in the discussions of a NAFTA 2.0, because it’s a crucial state: what happens in Texas, matters in the rest of the country. Hard to disagree, considering the Texas economy is a $3 billion one – the size of Canada’s.

You can read more about the panel in this story featured in the Dallas Morning News.

Center Director a Finalist in D CEO’s Latino Business Awards

Luisa del Rosal, Executive Director for the Mission Foods Texas-México Center, is a finalist for this year’s Latino Business Awards. This is the second year the prestigious publication partners up with the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs (AEM) in order to honor outstanding Latino leaders in the Metroplex area.

You get more information and read the complete list of finalists here

Augstin Carstens, Amb. Geronimo Gutierrez and Rolando Pablos on NAFTA, and Texas at Texas-Mexico Center’s 1st annual event

Versión en español debajo de las ligas de prensa. 

On April 6, the Mission Foods Texas-México Center hosted an event marking the Center’s 1st anniversary,  where Agustín Carstens, Governor of the Bank of Mexico,  said that, since NAFTA was first implemented,  México has been the second most important source for U.S. imports and the second most important destination for U.S. exports. He stated that NAFTA has benefitted all member countries and that it has had many benefits, including: “…productivity, employment, even a growth in access to a wider variety of goods and more competitive prices for consumers.”

Texas Secretary of State, Rolando Pablos, referred how the Texas-México relationship is personal to him, but also spoke of how crucial Mexico is to Texas, mentioning that “Texas will never turn its back on México.”  The pragmatic reasons behind such a statement were also shared on April 7 by Gerónimo Gutierrez, Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S., who gave keynote remarks on his first official visit to Texas. He mentioned how México’s structural reforms bring in new business opportunities in key sectors to the Texas economy, like energy and agriculture.

You can read more  about our keynote speakers in the following links (English and Spanish):

Dallas Morning News: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/mexico/2017/04/07/ambassador-texans-get-need-defend-mexico-can-done

Texas Secretary of the State Press Release:  http://sos.texas.gov/about/newsreleases/2017/040617.shtml 

Notimex (Mexican News Agency): http://www.notimex.gob.mx/ntxnotaLibre/334853 

El Economista: http://eleconomista.com.mx/economia-global/2017/04/07/carstens-eu-las-reformas-estructurales-profundizaran-tlc

Milenio: http://www.milenio.com/negocios/agustin_carstens-tlcan-beneficios-cce_0_934706535.html

El Universal: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/articulo/cartera/2017/04/8/carstens-pide-aprovechar-otras-areas-del-tlcan

Al Día Dallas: http://www.aldiadallas.com/2017/04/07/dallas-embajador-de-mexico-en-eu-geronimo-gutierrez-ofrece-respaldo-a-connacionales/ 

More news:




El 6 de abril, el Centro Mission Foods Texas-México marcó su 1er aniversario con un evento en la cual el Gobernador del Banco de México, Agustín Carstens, indicó que desde la implementación del TLCAN, México ha sido la segunda fuente más importante de importaciones para Estados Unidos y el segundo principal destino para sus exportaciones. Señaló que el TLCAN ha beneficiado a todos los países miembro y que ha tenido muchos beneficios, incluyendo: “…productividad y empleo, hasta incremento del acceso a gran variedad de bienes y precios más competitivos para el consumidor.”

Por su parte, el Secretario de Estado de Texas, Rolando Pablos, se refirió a lo personal que es para él la relación Texas-México, pero también habló de lo crucial que México es para Texas, mencionando que “Texas nunca le dará la espalda a México.” Las razones pragmáticas detrás de dicho razionamiento también las compartió Gerónimo Gutierrez, Embajador de México en Estados Unidos, quien fue el orador principal el 7 de abril en su primer visita oficial a Texas. Mencionó cómo las reformas estructurales de México brindan nuevas oportunidades de negocio en sectores clave para la economía de Texas, como energía y agricultura.

Puede leer más sobre lo que presentaron nuestros oradores principales a través de las siguientes ligas (inglés y español):

Dallas Morning News: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/mexico/2017/04/07/ambassador-texans-get-need-defend-mexico-can-done

Texas Secretary of the State: http://sos.texas.gov/about/newsreleases/2017/040617.shtml

Notimex: http://www.notimex.gob.mx/ntxnotaLibre/334853

El Economista: http://eleconomista.com.mx/economia-global/2017/04/07/carstens-eu-las-reformas-estructurales-profundizaran-tlc

Milenio: http://www.milenio.com/negocios/agustin_carstens-tlcan-beneficios-cce_0_934706535.html

El Universal: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/articulo/cartera/2017/04/8/carstens-pide-aprovechar-otras-areas-del-tlcan

Al Día Dallas: http://www.aldiadallas.com/2017/04/07/dallas-embajador-de-mexico-en-eu-geronimo-gutierrez-ofrece-respaldo-a-connacionales/

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