Modernizing NAFTA would help Texas: Amb. Earl Anthony Wayne

After our event "Texas Factor: Key Variable in the NAFTA Equation," Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne wrote an article in the Houston Chronicle in which he states that Texas is the state that would lose the most if the ongoing NAFTA talks go wrong, but could have a lot more to gain if it spoke in [...]

Concurso para la promoción del voto de las y los mexicanos residentes en el exterior

El Instituto Nacional Electoral de Mexico (INE) lanzó una convocatoria para organizaciones de la sociedad civil establecidas tanto en México como en Estados Unidos para enviar proyectos que promuevan el voto de los mexicanos en el extranjero. El límite para recibir proyectos es el próximo 15 de noviembre. El monto máximo que recibirán los proyectos [...]

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Augstin Carstens, Amb. Geronimo Gutierrez and Rolando Pablos on NAFTA, and Texas at Texas-Mexico Center’s 1st annual event

Versión en español debajo de las ligas de prensa.  On April 6, the Mission Foods Texas-México Center hosted an event marking the Center's 1st anniversary,  where Agustín Carstens, Governor of the Bank of Mexico,  said that, since NAFTA was first implemented,  México has been the second most important source for U.S. imports and the second [...]

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Former ‘Border Czar’ Gives Real Facts About Immigration from Mexico

Alan Bersin, former Border Czar and Assistant Secretary from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security shares his perspectives on why a border wall would not address the real challenges confronting the U.S. border enforcement system. He also speaks about how the experience gained through operations in El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California, were key [...]

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Mexico government reassured by Texas-Mexico relationship

Texas-Mexico Center Executive Director Luisa del Rosal and Academic Director Jim Hollifield were quoted in the article "Mexican official strikes cautious tone when discussing Trump's policies," about Mexico's conciliatory message of wanting to continue a strong partnership with the United States. You can also read about Mexico Undersecretary for North America Paulo Carreño's belief in the Texas-Mexico [...]

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