Foreign Born Workers Important to Building Texas

Texas needs foreign workers in order to keep up with its construction boom. It’s the state with the second largest amount of foreign born workers in the nation. Out of these 452,382 foreign born workers, 1/3 comes from Mexico.

Michael Cox and Richard Alm from the SMU O’Neal Center for Economic Freedom make a case on why Texas benefits from immigrant workers. You can read the complete article in this link: 32 – Foreign-Born Workers Important to Building Texas

Press coverage of Texas-Mexico Center’s NAFTA event

The Texas-Mexico Center featured Earl Anthony Wayne, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Chris Wallace, President of the Texas Business Association and Matthew Myers, Deans of the SMU Cox School of Business, in its event titled “The Texas Factor: Key Variable in the NAFTA Equation.” The event, done in collaboration with the Bipartisan Policy Center, focused on why NAFTA is key for Texas and why Texas should play a bigger part in the ongoing conversations. Read more about it in the press coverage both in Dallas and Mexico news outlets:


Dallas Business Journal:


Mexico national news:


Mexico Regional news:   (Baja California)  (Tamaulipas)  (Baja California)