TAI MA in Advertising Executive Internship Workshop

Workshop on Executive Internship

Workshop on Executive Internship

As second year MA in Advertising students prepare for their Spring 2014 Executive Internships, four alumni of the program returned to TAI-SMU to share some words of wisdom and advice.

Kellyn Dunn (class of 2012), Account Planner at Firehouse, spoke about the importance of working hard and working smart. She told the students it is not enough to just get the work done, but you have to have a passion and want to give beyond what is expected.

Recent graduate, AdeDoyin Adebiyi (class of 2013) shared with the group her transition from the Executive Internship to her current position in social media at Launch. She stressed the key role a supervisor/mentor plays in the learning experience.

Matt in India

Matt in India

Copywriter, Matt Villanueva (class of 2012) of MEPlusYOU shared an overview of key moments in his life that have brought him to where he is today with one of those experiences being his global immersion to India during his MA in Advertising Program at TAI-SMU. The 2014 cohort also undertook a global immersion in June, but to Hong Kong. Matt further discussed tips on how to get the most out of the Executive Internship and some pitfalls to avoid.

Finally, Louise Schelhammer (class of 2013), Project Manager at TM Advertising, provided some good insight in to her position and how the Executive Internship is great for understanding an agency and the process of work flow through an agency.

The 2014 cohort was most appreciative of the time shared by these alumni to help prepare them for their final semester in the program.



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