TAI Graduate Students Create Social Responsibility Campaign Plan for The Book Doctor

As a final project for the Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship class, three teams of TAI graduate students, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Sidharth Muralidharan, had to create a sound and cost effective advertising campaign proposal for The Book Doctor with the primary emphasis on brand awareness through social responsibility. 

The Book Doctor is a local Dallas business located in the Bishop Arts District and for fifteen years have provided custom bookbinding, book restoration, and book and bible repair services to customers nationwide. Their work has been featured in local Dallas publications and more recently in The New York Times

Candice McKay, owner of The Book Doctor, and her team judged the presentations and the team of Chrystalla Georghiou, Hanna Lewin, and Jessica Miller, or ‘GLM’ were selected as the winner. After discussing with the client, Dr. Sid reports that, “GLM really listened to what the client had to say and their proposed strategy and creative appealed to The Book Doctor. The client could also foresee it resonating with their key demographics.” Mckay was very impressed and pleased with GLM’s proposal but adds that each team’s proposals had their own set of unique ideas which they are excited to implement in the near future. 

For more information about The Book Doctor, visit www.thebookdr.com


Teams and The Book Doctor Staff

Teams and The Book Doctor Staff

Chrystalla Georghiou, Hanna Lewin, and Jessica Miller with The Book Doctor Staff

Chrystalla Georghiou, Hanna Lewin, and Jessica Miller with The Book Doctor Staff

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