About TechEffect

Meadows TechEffect is a crucible of uniquely talented, technically literate student employees who at once embody both the heart and face of arts technology in the Meadows School of Arts.

TechEffect serves as the “first contact” point for all unique arts-technology services and technology direction in the Meadows School of Arts. While we don’t control the technology on-campus, we’re here to provide you with arts-centric technology solutions or coordinate and collaborate with OIT to ensure that your needs are addressed by people who can help!

TechEffect can and will find directions for wherever you need to go with technology. In addition to providing arts-technology solutions, consultation, and customized training relevant to the Meadows community, TechEffect also circulates a wide variety of digital gear for content creation including a wide variety of cameras, video cameras, audio recording devices, tablet computers, laptops and a good deal more.

While the TechEffect team is supervised by Jason Warner, Meadows’ Digital Arts Solutions Architect, it is made up of and managed by Meadows and SMU students specifically recruited for their overall technical literacy within their areas of study and for their superior customer service abilities.

TechEffect exists to enable and push the Meadows community in understanding and utilization of technology tools to their fullest extent–that technology tools might be used with the greatest impact and have the most EFFECT possible in “starting a movement” from within the Meadows School.

TechEffect is located in the very center of the Owen Fine Arts Center, just off the main Bob Hope Lobby in room 1144. Our telephone number is 214.768.2652. Email us with questions or project proposals or for more information at: meadowstech@smu.edu

...arts technology and all that implies...

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