Fall and Winter at the Fort

Well, so much for Fall. It snowed three times at the SMU-in-Taos campus last week. Weather at the Fort is typically 10 degrees colder and much more likely to get snow than the town of Taos. We were so excited to see the beautiful snowy landscape that we drove up to U.S. Hill on highway 518.


Halloween at the Fort brought out students dressed in very impressive costumes. A prize of $20.00 per student was awarded to this group. After the contest, the students drove into Taos for a well deserved night on the town.


Along with the colder temperatures, a new fishing season began. At Eagle Nest Lake the kokanee salmon begin spawning around the first of October. Because these adult salmon die after they spawn, fishermen are allowed to “snag” them using large treble hooks. Here I am with my catch of the day. – and dinner that night.


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