SMU-in-Taos Lecture Series

Beginning September 10th, a new lecture series in conjunction with UNM Taos has begun for SMU-in-Taos students. The lectures will alternate locations between the SMU-in-Taos campus and the UNM Taos campus.

The first lecture was Agua y Cultura and featured Sylvia Rodriguez, author of the book Acequia, water sharing, santity, and place. Along with Dr. Rodriguez were Enrique Lamadrid, Literary folklorist and University of New Mexico Professor of Spanish who took his class to a small village in Mexico to study the acequia system and Estevan Arellano, local acequia mayodomo.
Maria-Elena Reyes served as moderator for the lecture. Approximately 85 people attended this first lecture.


Students from the Inaugural Fall class of SMU-in-Taos were recognized before the lecture.


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