Lilfe is Good

As August term winds down, students finish up research papers, reports and presentations. Most agree that any subject assigned in SMU in Taos just goes better with a backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo peaks. But soon the mountains will be replaced with Dallas Hall and the cool forest breezes will change to humid heat.Life is Good

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Bucky and Becky

Students and faculty alike have the chance to see different wildlife around the SMU in Taos campus.  From the nature trail that follows the creek, you can observe the inhabitants of the beaver pond.  It is suspected that many of the reported bear sightings are actually the beavers who live along this stretch of the creek.  They are certainly large enough to be mistaken for a small bear.  You just need to check the tail out.

Becky Beaver



Beaver 2013-4


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Recycling Confusion

Students at SMU in Taos want to recycle.  But sometimes it is difficulty to know which kinds of materials can be recycled by the town of Taos.  Here is some of the stuff Joseph from Taos recyclers had to dig out of the SMU in Taos recycle bins. We can only recycle #1 & #2 plastic. Often lids on #1&2 plastic bottles are not recyclable. Tin cans must be rinsed with both ends remove and flattened.
Plastic bags can be taken to Smiths or Albertsons by individuals but we are not recycling them through SMU.
Glass is also recyclable but please do not but beer bottles and tin cans in the same containers.

Wait a minute!  Where do you recycle beer bottles?



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SMU in Taos May Term

The green lizard on the shoulder of Jordan Airhart is just one of the examples of native wildlife around the SMU in Taos campus.  He is a sceloporus graciosus or sagebrush lizard.

Whose class is this green fella in?

Whose class is this green fella in?

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Halloween at the Fort


– Is that lipstick on that Jack o lantern or is that blood? There was only one casualty in the pumpkin carving contest.

What a creative crew! Students and Faculty donned Halloween costumes and enjoyed delicious snack in the auditorium while the music of Michael Jackson’s Thriller played in the background and scenes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were projected onto the walls.

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Taos Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Taos Mountain Hot Air Balloon Rally celebrates its 30th year this October.  About 37  pilots and a whole slew of chase crews will gather the weekend of October 26 – 28th for the annual event.  Some of these colorful balloons rise 8 stories into the crisp early morning sky and travel as far as over the Rio Grand Gorge.  Mass ascension begins around 8:30 in the morning.

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Geology students visit the Harding Pegmatite Mine near Dixon New Mexico

Students take walking tour of mine area.

Mine shaft

Students return with their mineral treasures.

Dr. Louis Jacobs took his GEOL 2320 Southwestern Environments: A Geologic Approach class to the Harding pegmatite mine near Dixon, New Mexico. The area was mined from about 1900 intermittently until 1958 as source for various metals such as beryllium, lithium and tantalum. The property has since been donated to the University of New Mexico and is preserved as a mineral collecting locality as well as a unique outdoor geologic laboratory.

After abandoment of all mining activities 1978 the whole property was donated to the University of New Mexico, which still owns it today and carry out geological research in the Harding area. The mine and the surrounding is therefore a protected geological heritage site, which is still open to all geologically interested parties.

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Making way for Disc Golf

SMU in Taos grounds staff cleared underbrush and substantially trimmed juniper and pinon trees to make room for an eighteen “basket” disc golf course. Bonfires reduced the branches to cinder and filled the autumn air with the pinon pine aroma.

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What’s up in the Tree?

SMU in Taos fall term students received professional instruction in the game of disc golf. A local professional came on campus to give students lessons. An eighteen “basket” disc golf course was recently installed on campus and included some real challenges. But probably the first challenge is to keep your disc out of the trees!

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Bears at the barbeque

Due to global warming and warmer and longer summers, the Taos bear population is more aggressively searching for food.  One news story tells of a black bear walking into the lodge at Angel Fire ski resort.

While no one actually saw a bear at the SMU in Taos dining hall, something made quiet a racket on the porch and claw marks were evident on the barbeque grill lids.


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