Legacy Day 3

Stopped by the set again for afternoon of shoot Day 3 at Two Sisters Catering.  Got a few cameraphone pics before my phone battery died:

IMG_20140521_194240 IMG_20140521_194100 IMG_20140521_194036 IMG_20140521_193842 IMG_20140521_193837 IMG_20140521_193728 IMG_20140521_193721 IMG_20140521_193707 IMG_20140521_193703 IMG_20140521_193655 IMG_20140521_193649 IMG_20140521_193636 IMG_20140521_193539 IMG_20140521_193534 IMG_20140521_193511 IMG_20140521_193458 IMG_20140521_165320 IMG_20140521_165308

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  1. Mary Guthrie says:

    Mark – love reading about the film and seeing the pix, thanks so much for posting!

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