FERPA Update: FERPA Fundamentals 2009 – Audio Conference

Date:Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Time: 1-2:30 pm CST
Location: Hughes-Trigg Forum
Contact: Troy Behrens at tbehrens@smu.edu

With changes to the Higher Education Act pending rulemaking, FERPA remains the centerpiece of student affairs compliance. As courts weigh in and real life case studies present themselves, it’s imperative that you and your staff remain up to date on the latest issues that FERPA presents on campus.

  • What exactly does FERPA restrict?
  • Who on campus, and off-campus, is eligible to have access to student education records?
  • Why and when can student records be shared or disclosed?
  • What should institutional employees do if they are concerned about a student?
  • How do we prepare and train our campus community to uphold FERPA in their daily work?

Topics Covered:

  • A practical overview of the structure and purpose of the statute
  • Ascertain the new FERPA regulations –  what you need to know and to do
  • How to apply the health and safety emergency, parental, and other important disclosure exceptions
  • Understand how E-mail and other electronic information is regulated under FERPA
  • Learn about the almost-forgotten "inspect and review"  and "seek amendment" rights

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