Student Leadership Initiative

Human rights, like a drive to the ferry

Twelve students in SMU’s Student Leadership Initiative (SLI), sponsored by the Embrey Human Rights Program, participated in a service-learning trip to Costa Rica Jan. 2-12, 2015. The SLI students were led by Dr. Howard J. Recinos, Professor of Church and Society at SMU Perkins School of Theology, and Dr. Joci Caldwell Ryan, a lecturer in the women’s and gender studies program of SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.

Defenders of justice for Latin America

The Embrey Human Rights Program’s Student Leadership Initiative is traveling to Costa Rica in May 2014 to investigate specific human rights issues. Eighteen students attended lectures during the Spring 2014 term in preparation for the trip. They will complete an independent research project and present their findings at a symposium. The student-led SLI was founded in 2010 to create opportunities to pursue human rights research and service-learning projects.

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Seven members of SMU’s recently formed Student Leadership Initiative (SLI) are in Rwanda, Uganda and Johannesburg during May 2012. The students are researching human rights issues and empowerment solutions for three African countries recovering from decades of genocide, war, famine, disease and apartheid.

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