Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Retrospectives

An update from Trevor, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Sprint Retrospectives Projects that use Agile with Scrum use sprints to promise features to their product owner (customer/manager); sprints usually take place over a 30-day period. At the end of a sprint, teams conduct sprint retrospectives. These meetings discuss what was delivered from the team during the sprint, what processes were effective or ineffective (or could be improved upon), as well as actions to take place during the next sprint. In essence, they are small postmortems during development. Features Delivered: This section is simply a list of features the team completed during the sprint that the product owner receives. It is important to note that these [...]

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Summary of My Sprint Retrospectives at The Guildhall

An update from Navin, a member of The Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: I am currently the producer on two projects at The Guildhall at SMU. Each of the teams consists of at least one artist, one programmer, and two designers. They are currently working on a new engine created internally by the Guildhall. The two games consist of: Miasma – 2D classic platformer Untethered – 2D gravity shifting platformer Throughout the ten week project, the team passes through six different milestones (Proof of Concept Technology, Proof of Concept Gameplay, Vertical Slice, Alpha, Beta, and RTM). After each milestone has been successfully completed, each of my teams goes through a sprint retrospective meeting. This meeting allows the team to discuss the effective [...]

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Guildhall Production Track 3: The Sprint Retrospective

An update from Dustin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Last week marked the Proof of Concept Gameplay milestone for Team Game Project (TGP1) teams here at Guildhall.  These teams each consist of four or five student developers from the Guildhall’s newest class of students, Cohort 19. I serve as Associate Producer for two of these teams, and lead them through their Sprint Retrospective after each sprint. For projects this small, each sprint retrospective looks back at about one week of work for the teams. This is far more frequent than development in a professional environment, of course, but serves as a useful learning tool and puts us in the habit of using good practices. So [...]

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