Bonjour de Paris!

Ashley, a member of the University Honors Program and a senior majoring in art history, was awarded a Richter International Fellowship to conduct independent, graduate-level research this summer in Paris, where she plans to examine primary documents and pieces of chinoiserie at the major libraries and museums. Chinoiserie was an 18th-century movement in Europe characterized by the production of goods that portrayed China as an idyllic utopia, with plump pagodes, mystic sages and enlightened philosophers. Continue reading

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For my last semester: Paris

Nicole is a senior majoring in international studies and Spanish from The Woodlands. She’s spending Spring 2008 in Paris studying French and art, and is looking forward to experiencing France before she graduates. Continue reading

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What exactly IS “rugby”?

Juliana is a Hunt Scholar from Denver and a junior majoring in accounting and CCPA (Corporate Communications and Public Affairs). She is spending the summer in SMU-in-Oxford and hopes to experience different parts of Europe through travel. She is excited to be taking a class on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, since many of their great works were written in Oxford and it also will be a nice change of pace from accounting and CCPA classes! Continue reading

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Claire, a junior CCPA major and Studio Art minor from Fredericksburg, is studying this fall with SMU-in-Paris. She spent the summer with SMU-in-London, where she interned with Greenbelt Movement International. Continue reading

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