Greetings and Ciao from Orvieto!

Taylor is a sophomore Hunt Leadership Scholar and New Century Scholar who is participating in SMU-in-Italy: Arts and Culture during summer 2012. She looks forward to gaining knowledge about many works, paintings and buildings that have contributed to the current interpretation of art in Italy and throughout the world.

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Ciao, Italy

Alexandria is a senior Hunt Scholar majoring in art history in Meadows School of the Arts, with a minor in English in Dedman College. In summer 2010, she is participating in SMU-in-Italy in Orvieto, a medieval hill town in Umbria.

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Hello, Rome!

Rachel is a Distinguished and Veritas Scholar who is majoring in Latin American Studies in Dedman College. She is participating in SMU-in-Italy and helping archaeologists excavate an Etruscan hilltop settlement.

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The aches, the pains, the exhilaration

More than 50 students, scholars and archaeological professionals from more than 20 universities, including SMU, will assemble in Tuscany in Summer 2009 to excavate the Etruscan sanctuary and settlement of Poggio Colla. The excavation team is headed by Gregory Warden, University Distinguished Professor of Art History at SMU, along with Professors Michael Thomas of the University of Texas at Austin, and Ann Steiner and Gretchen Meyers of Franklin and Marshall College. The excavation serves as a field school for undergraduate and graduate students to learn archaeological practice and theory while working alongside a diverse professional staff, including archaeologists, surveyors, geologists, architects, illustrators, information technologists and other archaeological specialists, as well as the conservation staff.

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Shovel Test Pits are the pits

Jessica is a senior marketing major, with a minor in art history, who leaves in June for an archaeological dig outside of Vicchio, in the Mugello Valley, as part of SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology. The site is an Etruscan settlement that has been being excavated for about 12 years.

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