The Sprint Retrospective Process in Practice: Iterating on Salvage Runner’s Successes and Mitigating Its Risks (Part One)

An update from Ben, a member of The Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra, and assistant producer of: Revenge of the Dragon King Raging Sushi: Enter the Roll Salvage Runner I am pleased to work currently as an assistant producer for three 2D student-created games at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University. Each team consists of four underclassmen and I. The underclassmen are working on their first games at the Guildhall. At the Guildhall, the faculty teaches use of agile development processes such as daily scrum meetings, creating and maintaining scrum boards and product and sprint backlogs, and participating in sprint retrospectives. These three game projects serve as the first time that many of the team members have been exposed [...]