Huffington Department of Earth Sciences

Arrival in Jamaica

SMU students testing coring gear off the pier. (Photos by Joey F.) An update from Brett, a geophysics major: We flew into Kingston's airport and arrived at Morgan’s Harbour Hotel in Port Royal at about 3 p.m. After a long day of flying, it was great to finally get settled into the hotel and be in the Tropics. Cliff beside the seismic chirp system. After a debriefing by Professor Hornbach, we divided into specific groups based on our project goals and interests for the week. These groups include a group responsible for seismic imaging, a group responsible for sediment coring, and a group interested in slope stability surveying. One key goal for this study is to [...]

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Banana-dogs for lunch

Graduate students in SMU’s Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, along with Professor Louis L. Jacobs, are conducting research in Angola in southern Africa during summer 2012. They are members of an international scientific program called the PaleoAngola Project.

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