Our arrival in London

Eight SMU undergraduates and four faculty and staff members are exploring the birthplace of residential colleges: Oxford, England. With stops in London, Cambridge, and Bath, this group of residential leaders are searching to answer the question, “What is the culture of a true residential college system?” The students, faculty and staff hope to bring back ideas and traditions to enhance SMU’s new Residential Commons system.

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Living history at Oxford

SMU-in-Oxford at High Table Oxford is certainly not like any college I've ever been to. On the first day I was dropped off in the middle of a bustling little town composed of boutiques, pubs, coffee shops, and elaborate churches. The buildings quite literally line the street, which are rarely split by alleyways. Double-decker buses and bikes further characterize the disorganized and chaotic sidewalks. Our college, University College, was not indicated by a particular building but rather by a fairly inconspicuous door on a stone wall by the street. It was not until I entered through the passage into a courtyard that I could finally see University College with its green space and winding staircases. Each morning of [...]

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Snapshots of England

Tiffany, who is marketing major in the Cox School of Business, is studying at the University of Westminster in England as part of an SMU-approved IFSA-Butler program. She will be taking business classes and is looking forward to exploring England and Europe.

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Arrival in London

Patrick is a senior religious studies and psychology major in Dedman College who has been awarded a Richter Research Fellowship for Summer 2009. He is in the United Kingdom studying how globalization has shaped and is continuing to shape newly ‘emerging’ churches.

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