Urban Plunge 2011, Dallas

During Fall Break 2011, SMU students spent four days with SMU Catholic Campus Ministry in Vickery Meadow, an area of Dallas just five miles north of campus that is home to many refugee families.

An awakening

An update from Tarry, a sophomore electrical engineering major: In life there is always more than one perspective to everything, and I got the chance to see the other side of life not many people get a chance to see. Urban Plunge was really an awakening for me because I saw things from a different view. First, a group of strangers live together in a small apartment for four days, all for the same purpose - which is to help. You would think that you get tired of each other after sometime, but actually each day as we got to know each other more, we got closer. I wish that the experience could have been longer because the more time I [...]

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