SMU-in-London: Arts 2012

During the SMU-in-London: Arts summer program, students are taking courses that explore solo performance and the city “as” performance. The students will create and perform original works, all against the backdrop of the Queen’s Jubilee and the Summer Olympics.

Food, glorious food!

An update from Dance Professor Shelley Berg: The SMU London Arts students, as part of their investigation of all things “performative” in the city of London, spent an indulgent morning exploring Borough Market in the Southwark area of South London.  There has been a market in this area since 1014 and, by the 13th century, grain, vegetable, fish and livestock traders relocated to what is now the Borough Market site.  There are currently over 100 traders, who ply their wares there, both local and international.  The high standards of the Market are ensured by an impartial panel of food experts that “ensure that the taste, provenance and quality of foods sold are all regularly measured and maintained and support small [...]

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Blast from the past

An update from Lee: When you stepped into the Vintage Village at the Battersea Park Queen’s Jubilee Celebration, you stepped back in time. Tents were filled with corsets from the '20s, hats from the '30s, dresses from the '40s and '50s and jewelry that spanned the decades. Each booth invited you in, welcoming you to view the fashions of the day like small museums with their wares on exhibit. You could touch anything. You could try on anything. Of course, you could buy anything, and the booth keepers hoped you would buy it all. They stood encouragingly nearby and pointed out objects you may have missed, as well as sizes and colors you might prefer. Aside from the wet grass [...]

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Fashion and beauty at the Diamond Jubilee

An update from Ali, a senior dance major and elementary education minor:  Sunday morning is usually a sit on the couch in pajamas and drink three cups of coffee before throwing on some comfy clothes kind of morning.  This past Sunday, however, began with standing at the front of a line for three hours in 49 degree, rainy weather outside the park hosting the Jubilee Festival during the River Pageant in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th year of reign. While we may not have been pleased with waking up at 6 am on a weekend and sitting in line, it was a necessary task in order to experience the pomp and elegance that the British do best.  Maybe [...]

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Jumping into London’s melting pot

An update from Kelsey, a sophomore majoring in dance: Between the Jubilee’s grand stage and vintage carousel rides in Battersea Park, I found a food haven and cultural melting pot boiling with Mediterranean, Indian, and even Mexican cuisine. With over 15 concession stands selling food ranging from steamy Thai soup to chocolate Mexican churros, the decision was difficult. However, my rumbling stomach led me to the shortest line in the park: an Italian booth serving their famed ‘Risotto Balls.’ Although the flavorful risotto satisfied my hunger, it did not satisfy my curiosity, leaving me to question the other genres served at the Jubilee. London's residents have many ethnic backgrounds, primarily stemming from England's imperial past. London's cultural diversity is embodied [...]

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Theater at Battersea Park

An update from Carson, a junior theatre studies major: Standing in line outside of Battersea Park, we had run out of things to occupy our time. It was 10:25, almost half an hour after the park was supposed to open. We had been waiting since 7:30 that morning as it rained down upon us. To keep from concentrating too much on my wet socks, I turned to people-watching. Behind me was the largest display of theatrics that I saw the entire day in Battersea Park. There stood a woman dressed in a full-length white dress. She had slept in pin curls and sprayed her hair within an inch of its life, secured in a standard '50s up-do. Atop her head sat [...]

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