Red and Blue Scrimmage 2009

The Cox School of Business Honors Marketing Practicum class (in photo, right) is teaming up with SMU Athletics this spring to promote SMU Football’s Red and Blue Scrimmage on April 25. The marketing class also is organizing festivities at Doak Walker Plaza before the scrimmage for students, alumni and the community.

Thanks for a great season kickoff!

An update from Lauren:

Red&BlueScrimmage09 018.jpg The entire Marketing Practicum Course would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Mustang players at the Red & Blue Scrimmage on Saturday. We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by the Doak Walker Plaza festivities beforehand.

Red%26BlueScrimmage09%20039.jpgThe Big Red Rooster performance was great, thanks to the W Dallas-Victory Hotel. We had a great turnout and lots of fun with the trivia contest (some people had questions even for some of us!), food and giveaways. It was awesome to see everything come together on Saturday.

We are currently in class working on a recap of the event and working with all the departments to come up with pros and cons for next year. This just shows how even after the event, there is work to be done.

Red%26BlueScrimmage09%20026.jpg We will be presenting to the client (who right now is being determined) a recap of what our class did to promote and execute the event. We will also present to them what we would recommend to do again in the future and things we would not do again or things we would change. This is a good way to look back on all the work we did as a class.

Again, thanks to everyone who came out, and we hope you had a great time and got excited for the upcoming season!

Pony up!

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It’s time to pack the stands

The Red & Blue Scrimmage is upon us and is tomorrow! This is what our class has been working so hard for! Come be a part of it and join the festivities at Doak Walker Plaza at 11:30am Saturday! The Big Red Rooster will be performing, sponsored by The W Dallas-Victory Hotel! Come enjoy free food, prizes, giveaways, live music, and much more!

Let’s show how much spirit SMU has here on campus, and pack the stands to kickoff the 2009 football season! Pony Up, SMU!

*** W Dallas-Victory Hotel is offering special deals on stays for graduation weekend! Check them out at ***

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“Kickin’ it” for Saturday’s big kickoff

An update from Lauren:

April-Tay%27s%20in%20Town-Easter-Flagpole%20Event%20014.jpgThanks to everyone who came out yesterday to “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole.” We had so much fun and enjoyed seeing how much SMU spirit is here on campus.

Thanks also to the football players who came out as well to show their appreciation to everyone supporting them.

We had two raffles yesterday, and the winner of the suite with 19 friends for Saturday’s Red & Blue Scrimmage is Alex S.! Congratulations! Also, for the Lilly Pulitzer Prizes, the winners will be contacted today. Congratulations to you all as well!

Our Marketing Practicum Class hopes everyone had fun out at the Flagpole and hope it got everyone excited for even more fun this Saturday! We have been working hard behind the scenes to get everything synched up and perfect so you all will have a fantastic time. It’s only two days away, and everyone can feel the excitement.

The Red & Blue Scrimmage stands on Saturday are going to be filled with a pumped-up crowd – something nobody should miss out on. Start the 2009 season off right by attending the kickoff event at Doak Walker Plaza! See y’all out there!

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Let’s kick it!

An update from Lauren:

Everyone: It’s today!

Come to “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole” today at the SMU Flagpole from noon to 2 p.m. We’ll have music, prizes, food and much more.

Enter to win a suite at the Red & Blue Scrimmage for you and 15 friends, and enter to win a Lilly Pulitzer $100 Gift Card, Limited Edition Tote Bag, and much much more.

If you’re passing through before class, come by and hang out. Come support your SMU Mustangs! It’s going to be a blast!

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Kickin’ it at the Flagpole on Wednesday

Red%20%26%20Blue%20Scrimmage%20Flagpole%20Email%20Blast.jpgThe SMU Marketing Practicum Course is hosting “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole” on Wednesday, April 22, from noon to 2 pm at the SMU Flagpole. You don’t want to miss the festivities that will be going on.

We will be handing out pizza from Extreme Pizza and cookies from JD Chippery. T-shirts to wear to the scrimmage and Red & Blue Scrimmage/The Union cups will be given away, so be sure to get yours while they last. Come by the flagpole to enter to win a Suite at the Red & Blue Srimmage on Saturday, April 25, for you and 15 of your friends!

We are also having Lilly Pulitzer come out, and they will be raffling off a $100 Gift Card, a Limited Edition Tote Bag, a Shrunken Polo, a pair of Party Flip-Flops, and a Squeeze Fragrance Candle. They will be showing the “A Colorful Cause” line designed by various celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and others. For more details log onto They will also have catalogs, items from their stationary line, and, for all you guys out there, they have clothes and fun stuff for you too. Everyone should make sure to come by and check it out!

Some SMU football players and coaches will make an appearance to express the importance to them of everyone attending the Red & Blue Scrimmage this Saturday. “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole” is to help pump up everyone on campus and bring everyone together to promote the scrimmage and support our Mustang players by kicking-off the upcoming 2009 season. We want to start this year off strong and like no other season before.

On behalf of the SMU Marketing Practicum Course and SMU Athletics, come out to “Kickin’ at the Flagpole” on Wednesday and help us pump up the SMU spirit here on campus and to count down 4 days until kickoff! See y’all out there!

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One week, one day and counting

An update from Lauren, a senior marketing and psychology major:

doakwantsyou-poster-300.jpgOur Marketing Practicum Course has finally come together to finalize many promotions, timelines and campaign strategies that will make this Red & Blue Scrimmage a success next Saturday, the 25th!

Most of us in the course catch each other online and through email up until the wee hours of the night still working on things for next week’s “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole” event as well as the pre-scrimmage event itself. We want everything to be perfect, to go smoothly – and nothing to fall through the cracks.

We constantly find ourselves spell-checking everything we do, even if it is a casual email to a classmate. We treat this assignment like it is our job, and even though we are not getting paid for it, we are getting paid with experience and knowledge to bring with us for future jobs and experiences in the real world after college.

Scrimmage update!

Our “Doak Wants You” campaign starts today, and everyone should be seeing signs of it popping up on campus and in the residence halls! We will be at Relay for Life tonight passing out glow-in-the-dark Red & Blue Scrimmage wristbands in front of Moody Coliseum, so make sure to come and claim yours before they are all gone! Wear this all week to help us promote the Scrimmage and your SMU Mustang players!

Next week

We will be hosting a “Kickin’ it at the Flagpole” event next Wednesday from 12-2 at the SMU Flagpole. More information will be coming out about this fabulous event on Monday! Look for details then – it’s going to be an event that you don’t want to miss!

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Doak Wants You!

An update from Lauren, a senior marketing and psychology major:

R&B Scrimmage in the making …

Depending on one another is what we have to do in our Marketing Practicum
Course. Everything one department does is connected to the other departments.

Hard work and dedication are a must when it comes to finalizing plans, securing donations, talking with the media, etc. And we squeeze this all into an hour-and-20-minute class twice a week! Most of class is spent getting caught up with what all the different departments are involved in and staying on track with each other.

There is a lot of work done outside of class as well, so it’s crucial to make time to get things done, finalized, and in a timely manner. Following up with the client, sponsors, media outlets, the band, classmates, etc. is a constant responsibility of all of us in the Marketing Practicum Course.

This is what it would be like working with a team of professionals when doing event marketing in the real world. It’s crazy and fun throughout the entire process and amazing to see how our work starts coming together in the end!

Scrimmage Department update!

Advertising is unveiling the scrimmage theme/campaign with fliers and posters that will soon be around campus, as well as working on introducing our Wednesday Pep Rally Event to get pumped up for Saturday’s main event. It’s exciting, and all I can say is “Doak Wants You!” to come …

Public Relations is working to make the event worthwhile by gathering sponsors and businesses around the area to come out and support our Mustangs …

Campaign Strategy is planning out minute by minute of the pre-scrimmage event so that it will rock every attendee’s socks off …

Account Planning is contacting the sororities and fraternities out there on campus to encourage overall campus support and promotion of the Red & Blue Scrimmage …

We’re all working hard to make this the best Red & Blue Scrimmage for all who come and an event that will become a lasting tradition here on campus!

Let’s get pumped up SMU!

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Behind the scenes

An update from Lauren, a senior marketing and psychology major:

Marketing is more than coming up with catchy themes and ideas to get an audience’s attention.

With our Marketing Practicum Class, we are in charge of finding sponsors and donations in order to help promote as well as cover costs of all the festivities that we have planned for the pre-scrimmage event for the Red & Blue Scrimmage. We have to go out and talk to businesses in the area and convince them that joining us will benefit them as well as us.

It’s hard work and has given all of us in the class real-world experience in what it is truly like in the marketing world.

The class is also in charge of keeping everything organized for our client, the SMU Athletic Department. We organize all of our contacts, sponsorships, donations, media promotions, hour-by-hour event plans, etc. to be presented to the SMU Athletic Department for approval before everything and anything we do.

Again, it can be complicated and hard work, but in the end it compares to nothing else out there to prepare you for the working world and working with a client.

Scrimmage update!

We have secured the W Hotel as our band sponsor for the pre-scrimmage event! The hotel will be sponsoring The Red Rooster Band, all of whose members are SMU Alums, and will be performing on Saturday, April 25, at Doak Walker Plaza starting at 11:30 am before the scrimmage. Don’t miss out on this anticipated performance!

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Gear up for football

An update from Lauren, a senior marketing and psychology major:

We’ve finally made it on here, and we’re excited to be teamed up with the SMU Athletic Department to promote the SMU Red & Blue Scrimmage on Saturday, April 25.

We’ll continue to give you updates on how it’s going, who’s coming, who’s performing, etc.

Plan on coming out to this event for free food, prizes, contests and an awesome band performance, which we will announce soon. Let’s kick off the 2009 Football season SMU-style. Go Mustangs!

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