Physics in Italy

During April 2013, Keith and Mayisha traveled to L’Aquila and Gran Sasso, Italy, for the 2013 Low Radioactivity Techniques conference. Keith, a senior computer science major, and Mayisha, a sophomore majoring in physics and biology, have been conducting research with Assistant Professor Jodi Cooley in the Department of Physics in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. The students presented their research at the poster session of the conference.

Presenting physics research in Italy’s mountains

Professor Cooley and three other physicists walking back to the hotel from the conference with an inspiring view of the Apennine Mountains. The 2013 Low Radioactivity Techniques conference was held at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, which is about an hour and a half northeast of Rome. The conference center is an above-ground facility in the middle of the beautiful snowcapped Apennine Mountains, where the air is fresh and our allergies start behaving. Eighty-five physicists from 13 countries around the world gathered at this conference to discuss experiments that require low radioactivity environments. Examples of such experiments include those dedicated to neutrino studies and dark matter searches. At the conference, we were able to learn more about the [...]

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