Perkins Theology in Singapore

For the fourth year, Perkins School of Theology, in cooperation with Trinity Theological College in Singapore, is holding its two-week summer session as part of the Singapore/Dallas Doctor of Ministry Program. Classes began July 22 and will continue through Aug. 2 on the Trinity campus.

Qualified church leaders from throughout Southeast Asia attend sessions in Singapore and Dallas as part of the two- to three-year program. The D.Min. degree provides the opportunity for persons who are engaged in ministerial leadership to enhance the practice of ministry in six areas: evangelism, pastoral leadership, preaching and worship, missional church studies, spiritual formation, or urban ministry.

Perkins faculty in residence for the two-week Singapore session include the Rev. Gary MacDonald, Director of Advanced Ministerial Studies, and Dr. Todd Rasberry, Director of Development.

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First day of class in Singapore

Dr. Todd Rasberry and Rev. Gary MacDonald, Perkins School of Theology faculty, are in residence at Trinity Theological College in Singapore for the July 22-Aug. 2 Doctor of Ministry session. (Photo by B. Overton) Rev. Gary MacDonald (far right) leads D. Min. students during the first day of classes at Trinity Theological College July 22. Pictured, from left: Michael Moey (Malaysia), Tahir Wjdjaja (Indonesia), Grace Toh (Singapore), Manoj Thomas (Canada), and Paul Bala (Singapore). (Photo by T. Rasberry) Worship was being held at this Hindu temple in Singapore at the same time faculty and students worshiped July 21, just one block away at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. (Photo by T. Rasberry)

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