Jon in Poland

Jon is a sophomore majoring in economics and engineering management, information and systems from Springfield, Mo. This summer he has an internship in Krakow, Poland, as a business analyst for Sabre.

Goodbye, Krakow

It is hard to believe that our stay in Krakow is already over. This has been one of the best experiences of my life, and it was truly a blessing that I got to work here.

I bought everyone from the Air Availability team ice-cream and gave a few of my closest co-workers souvenirs from the States. When I arrived to work, there was a gift basket from the team sitting on my desk. I did not notice that the basket was a Polish hat, nor did I notice that underneath all of the candy was a bottle of vodka.

We all took pictures as a team and had a really wonderful day together. My local manager told me he hoped I could come back to continue working with the team.

When some of the teammates take business trips to Dallas, I will be definitely spending time with them. This was the best summer of my life, and I hope to enjoy an experience like this again next summer.

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Job well done

I checked my email this morning to find a note from my manager. She told me that the work I did from my first assignment “won over all the offices.” She asked me to write a tutorial so the offices in Bangalore and Montevideo can adopt my method of data import and analysis.

It was a great feeling to know that the work I had done will be helping out not just the team I work with, but all the teams working with data. Getting recognition for my work is a motivator to work hard and never give up even the most challenging of assignments.

With only a week left, I am not ready to leave at all. I spent my last weekend in Paris and had a blast. I met up with other SMU students who were studying in Italy for the summer and hung out in the city. After my last day of work, I will be heading to London to say hello to some aunts and uncles and pay a visit to some popular clubs in town.

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My next assignment: tough stuff

I just got another new assignment that blows my others out of the water. I thought that the depth of the assignments would not get any deeper, I was wrong.

My last one was looking for patterns in the 2000 transactions a second, which I managed to figure out how to analyze. Now I am looking through GUI data with spreadsheets containing twenty variables, figuring out a way to simplify the data and merge similar entries.

I can’t really find a starting point, but we will see if I can make progress in the next few days – by then it will be the weekend. 😎

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First month on the job

Managers and directors from Dallas are visiting the Krakow office for a few days. The president of Sabre met with the interns to get an update on our progress and to make sure that we were enjoying the work here. This morning he delivered a speech at a local university, and nearly everyone from the office took buses to watch his presentation.

In a few minutes I will meet with our new manager to discuss my work accomplishments for the first month. I have prepared documentation and printed out screen shots of the work that I have done, as well as the reports I have written on my findings.

This company is likely going to change shape in the future, as growth in other regions of the world has shifted Sabre’s focus.

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A cake to celebrate efficiency

I started analyzing the data from the reports discussed in my last post. I will be spending the next few weeks looking for trends and writing a report about my findings. This is more difficult than my first assignment because I don’t have a specific goal I’m working to achieve, but rather, I am trying to identify new patterns and trends that have not already been discovered by the BA’s. I am starting to work with new tools that help me make sense of all the statistics, which will take me a couple more days to get used to.

Overall, I am really happy with the team I work with; they won an award for being the most efficient team and meeting their deadlines last month. To commend their work, the company bought us a cake, and we took our last hour of work off on Tuesday to celebrate. I made a toast to the team, sarcastically explaining, “I’m sure you guys already know that you wouldn’t have won without me, but there is no need to thank me … you’re all welcome.” Despite being hard workers, everyone has a sense of humor and we are always joking with each other. I could not have asked for better teammates to work with.

This weekend I will pay a visit to the salt mines and go hiking/camping in the mountains about an hour away. They are both a must-see in Poland, so I’m looking forward to tonight when I make my departure from the city.

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First mission accomplished

It is Monday morning and the beginning of my second week of work. Last week EDS approved access to the GUI and green screen, and I have been working hard.

Each day, Sabre receives statistical reports, which must be imported and analyzed daily. The data, which come in .csv format (comma separated value), must be updated into spreadsheets that interpret the data. In the past, in order to update the reports, the business analysts had to open each file (hundreds), convert the file-type, cut and paste the data, rewrite the formulas, then copy all the raw data to another spreadsheet and have it subtotaled. My task was to automate this process.

After two days of hard work and debugging, I completed my first assignment. I created a spreadsheet application that imports the daily reports and automatically updates and analyzes the data. What previously took several steps is now automated and has new features, enhancing the ways that data can be interpreted.

Tomorrow at 4 pm (9 am at the headquarters) I will demo the app via conference call to Dallas to show the BA’s how it works and answer any questions they may have.

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Work and soccer

After getting through orientation on Monday, we have now been given our laptops, phones, access cards, monitor, ect. Our workday typically begins around 9:30 am and ends after 6 pm so that we are able to work with teammates in other time zones.

I spent several hours this morning and afternoon familiarizing myself with my team’s functionality. Within the next 24 hours I will be provided access to GUI and can begin some data conversion/analysis. It is remarkable how young the employees are here. In fact, nearly everyone here is between 20 and 30, and most have received degrees from universities specializing in computer science/engineering.

Last night Sabre had “Happy Hour” to support the Polish soccer team in its game against Croatia. Food was catered so many of the employees stayed after work to have dinner and drinks. The Polish team lost, which made most of the employees quite upset. I will have updates and pictures later this week. Do Widzenia.

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Arrival in Poland

We made it to Poland and begin work tomorrow!

It was nice to finally arrive at our apartments after our departure date was postponed a couple of weeks. We spent the weekend familiarizing ourselves with the area and getting over jet-lag. The interns also enjoyed a walking tour of the city and met with the local managers and team leaders from Sabre’s Poland division.

I am looking forward to my first day of work tomorrow, which will give me a more clear idea of what to expect for the rest of the summer.

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