Anthony and the Red-Blue Game

Anthony, a senior marketing major from Garland, is participating in an Honors Marketing Practicum Course in charge of promoting SMU’s annual Red-Blue Spring Football Game on April 5.

Pre-game entertainment: Bone Thugs and YouTube

The Red-Blue Scrimmage is fast approaching, and the Blitz Marketing Group is feeling the pressure. We have so much stuff we need to get done to prepare for the game, but we are very excited about some of the entertainment we have set up.

Bone Thugs and prizes
Blitz Marketing Group hit the way back machine and was able to get Bone Thugs N Harmony to play at the Doak Walker Plaza right before the SMU Red-Blue Scrimmage. How can anybody not be excited to see Bone Thugs? At a time when all I feel is pressure from the “real world,” it’s refreshing to know that Bone Thugs will bring me back to my precious youth for an hour on Saturday, April 5, at 12.

We have actively been recruiting sponsors for food and prizes for the scrimmage. So far we have been able to acquire gift certificates from some of the most popular stores in the area. Neiman Marcus gave us a $350 gift certificate. We also have over 60 smaller gift certificates to give out. In addition to seeing a great concert and June Jones’ arrival at the Hilltop, you will have the opportunity to get free stuff. (How can you beat that?)

I saw one of our stake signs for the first time the other day. Diego Contreras, our lead graphic designer, did an awesome job preparing the logos for all our advertisements. They should be popping up all over campus in the coming days. Through sponsorship and Diego’s creative skills, we were also able to create T-shirts for the Red-Blue Scrimmage. We will be passing out T-Shirts in the days leading up to the Scrimmage.

Reports from our football insider, Mustang Punter and Blitz Marketing Co-Coordinator Andrew Galloway, indicate the team looks great. Everybody is really adapting to June Jones’ new offense and style. The players have nothing but positive things to say about him. I personally can’t wait to see June’s “Fun N’ Gun” offense at work. At Hawaii, June’s team threw the ball on essentially every play.

Your team on YouTube
Some of the football team also made an appearance on YouTube for their “Evolution of Dance” remake. I encourage anybody who has had a rough day to check the video out. (It will make you realize your life is not that bad. You could have dance moves like Andrew Galloway.)

Meet up on Facebook
Blitz Marketing Group finally hit the big time when we became Facebook official. The group is for the Red-Blue Scrimmage and has updates on all the festivities going on around the game. The group is open to the public, so I strongly encourage everybody to join and show their support for the upcoming scrimmage and season.

Remember to head out to Ford Stadium on Saturday, April 5, at 12 to see Bone Thugs and 1 to see “A New Breed” of football in the Red-Blue Scrimmage.

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Blitz Marketing and spring football

As any seasoned college student knows, selecting a favorable class schedule is one of the most important decisions he or she has to make. Fortunately I was able to hit the jackpot with the Honors Marketing Practicum class taught by Professor Judy Foxman.

The Marketing Practicum course was selected by the SMU Athletic Department to design and implement a marketing campaign to increase the attendance at the annual Red-Blue Spring Football Game, this year on April 5.

I was drawn to this class for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there are no tests! Second, Professor Foxman is arguably the best professor at SMU. Also, the class is formatted as more of an internship than an actual class, and I thought the class would be a great way to boost my resume. Finally, being the sporting enthusiast that I am, a chance to promote the spring game sounded too good to pass up.

On our first day of class we selected our class coordinators, April and Andrew. We were then divided into four different departments: Advertising, Public Relations, Campaign Strategy, and Account Planning. After a lengthy brainstorming session we finally came up with our name: Blitz Marketing Group, and we were under way.

Since many people in the Blitz Marketing Group were unfamiliar with each other, we decided to go to happy hour to build some camaraderie. So we headed down to Chuy’s to have a couple drinks and a lot of fun.

Happy hour was the just the beginning of Blitz Marketing Group’s work hard/play hard philosophy. The class is plenty of hard work, but we have a lot of fun while we are at it. Working with the same people on a regular basis, there are definitely some funny stories. For example, Alex, a top swimmer on SMU’s nationally ranked swim team, had to Wikipedia “Business Casual,” before attending class in that attire. Alex is from Norway, so he had never heard of that term. We also learned that Tucker’s ideal Valentine’s Day night this year would have consisted of a trip to Medieval Times (after all, what could be more romantic then eating with your hands while watching a simulated joust match?).

Eyes on the goal
Our task of boosting attendance in the Red-Blue Game will be difficult. There are many other events that students commonly go to around the time of the game. Our goal is to make the event more than just a football game. We want to provide a party atmosphere that makes the Red-Blue Game the “it” place to be for students.

Last year, attendance at the game was absolutely atrocious. Our clients want us to double the 1,000 people who attended last year’s Red-Blue Game. However, we feel with June Jones now at the Hilltop, we should easily be able to top their goal. June Jones was able to resurrect an abysmal Hawaii team and turn it into a nationally ranked power. There is no telling what he can do with the facilities and resources that SMU provides him.

“A New Breed” of football is coming for sure. June runs a wide-open attack that throws the ball on almost every play. While at Hawaii, his teams were always among the nation’s leaders in points scored, so expect to see some fireworks at the Red-Blue Game.

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