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The Sprint Retrospective Process in Practice: Iterating on Salvage Runner’s Successes and Mitigating Its Risks (Part One)

An update from Ben, a member of The Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra, and assistant producer of: Revenge of the Dragon King Raging Sushi: Enter the Roll Salvage Runner I am pleased to work currently as an assistant producer for three 2D student-created games at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University. Each team consists of four underclassmen and I. The underclassmen are working on their first games at the Guildhall. At the Guildhall, the faculty teaches use of agile development processes such as daily scrum meetings, creating and maintaining scrum boards and product and sprint backlogs, and participating in sprint retrospectives. These three game projects serve as the first time that many of the team members have been exposed [...]

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Summary of My Sprint Retrospectives at The Guildhall

An update from Navin, a member of The Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: I am currently the producer on two projects at The Guildhall at SMU. Each of the teams consists of at least one artist, one programmer, and two designers. They are currently working on a new engine created internally by the Guildhall. The two games consist of: Miasma – 2D classic platformer Untethered – 2D gravity shifting platformer Throughout the ten week project, the team passes through six different milestones (Proof of Concept Technology, Proof of Concept Gameplay, Vertical Slice, Alpha, Beta, and RTM). After each milestone has been successfully completed, each of my teams goes through a sprint retrospective meeting. This meeting allows the team to discuss the effective [...]

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Guildhall Production Track 3: The Sprint Retrospective

An update from Dustin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Last week marked the Proof of Concept Gameplay milestone for Team Game Project (TGP1) teams here at Guildhall.  These teams each consist of four or five student developers from the Guildhall’s newest class of students, Cohort 19. I serve as Associate Producer for two of these teams, and lead them through their Sprint Retrospective after each sprint. For projects this small, each sprint retrospective looks back at about one week of work for the teams. This is far more frequent than development in a professional environment, of course, but serves as a useful learning tool and puts us in the habit of using good practices. So [...]

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Rock Climbing Day Trip

An update from Manuel, David, Josh and Grant, Outdoor Adventures Leaders in Training: Getting up bright and early on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 for the trip would have to have been the only downside to the whole experience, but those feelings quickly evaporated in the first morning rays of sunshine on the highway towards Mineral Wells State Park. With the van full to the brim, everyone quickly became acquainted even before we stopped for some morning doughnuts! By the time we arrived, we noticed that Mineral Wells climbing site (penitentiary hollow) was already saturated by Boy Scouts on their very own climbing day trip, so we quickly set up our own anchors to make sure we had guaranteed walls to climb! We climbed for [...]

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Matagorda Island Sea Kayaking: Fall Break Trip 2012

An update from Amanda, Outdoor Adventures Trip Leader: On October 13, eight people set out to conquer and explore Matagorda Islands over SMU’s fall break. They came back on October 16, four days later, stronger, wiser, and with an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of survival against the elements. And if you don’t believe me, we have the pictures to prove it. The first task was waking up before the sun to meet outside Dedman Rec Center, where a memorable six and a half hour drive down to Port O’Connor awaited. A mixture of sleeping, introductions, and learning about one another defined the ride down as the group began to bond quickly. Talk of different majors from Advertising and Marketing to Engineering led to advice [...]

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El Escorial y Valle de los Caídos

El Escorial Hey y’all! Today we took a little field trip about an hour outside Madrid to San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a small town in the mountains. El Escorial is the home of a beautiful Monastery built by el Rey Felipe II of Spain. El Escorial is a monastery, palace, school, and library today; it is huge! Apparently, King Felipe II was very religious, and as we are learning in class, fought many wars for Catholicism against the Protestants during his reign. He decided to build this place to display the wealth and power of Spain after one of the battles, where he felt he had lost some control. It is a beautiful place and boasts many [...]

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¡España! ¡España! ¡España!

Notice all the flags! ¡Viva España! That was the chant of the night. Can you hear it? All the spirit typically associated with Spanish fútbol echoing in your ears. Well, it sure was all present at last night’s España vs. Francia FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier! Getting to experience a true partido de fútbol (soccer game) in Spain, where soccer is a matter of life or death, was such a blessing. Our sweet program coordinator, Tania, found these great tickets at really good prices, and despite our midterms the following morning we were all in! It was everything I expected and more. The Spanish believe in their team; they all wear the colors, everyone gets little plastic Spanish [...]

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ShadowMaster through the lenses of Steve McConnell’s 36 Classic Mistakes

An update from Benjamin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: ShadowMaster is a 2D top-down spatial puzzle adventure. A team of four fresh students attending the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University designed, animated, coded, tested and implemented their original game idea in Torque X 2D Builder. The team consisted of an artist, Michael Viscio, a programmer, William Wood, a level designer, Chih Han Yu, and a producer and team lead, Ben Roye. The team developed the game in ten weeks while attempting to stick to forty-eight team-hours per week. The current build of ShadowMaster runs on Windows 7 and can be downloaded for free. Future plans for the game include a likely port to Xbox Live Indie [...]

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Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded

An update from Navin, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded (CNOF2R) is a fast-paced, over-the-top, first person-shooter mod for UDK. The players take on the role of futuristic cyborg ninjas fighting over control of a legendary suit of armor called the Yoroi. The total development time for CNOF2R was ten weeks (thirty person-hours per week), and was developed for both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. This postmortem analyzes the obstacles and challengers our team encountered during the production phase. What Went Well 1. Functional Working Environment At our workplace, other development teams have already occupied all of the breakout rooms in the building. Fortunately, we found a small pit [...]

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The Day Ice Cream Stood Still

An update from Trevor, a member of the Guildhall at SMU team blogging for Gamasutra: The Day Ice Cream Stood Still is a 2D platforming puzzle game that was designed using the TorqueX 2D editor by a five-student team from The Guildhall at SMU. The game took ten weeks, using 60-hour man weeks from concept to completion and was developed for the PC using a console controller. This following is the post-mortem for The Day Ice Cream Stood Still. The Classic Mistakes in reference to Rapid Development by Steve McConnell describe what went well, what went wrong, and what we as a team learned from the development. What Went Well: 1. Avoiding Classic Mistake #1: Undermined Motivation If one thing was true of [...]

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