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Our Duty as Humans

From Ruhi D. a first-year pre-business major: We often forget that part of our duty as humans is to act humanely. When atrocities such as the holocaust occur it causes us to pause and question how such a large group of people seem to have lost their humanity when treating innocent humans the way they did. Not only were humans treated like they were worse than the scum on the bottom of your shoe, but their mere identity as a human was stripped from them. If they weren’t immediately sent to a death camp, they were forced to toil away years in a labor camp where many suffered tremendously before perishing. However, even during this terrible time there was sometimes [...]

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Implementing Culture Change

I really enjoy doing laundry. My girlfriend likes to tease me about it, but it’s true. I enjoy the routine of it. My favorite part is ironing. It’s almost as good as taking a nap. My mind gets to relax and wander as I go through the motions of pressing the wrinkles out of my clothes for the work week. But I know that when it comes to enjoying laundry, I’m pretty much alone in that opinion. At Walt Disney World, that certainly was the case 25 years ago. Trust me, there are few operations as important to the existence of Walt Disney World as the laundry unit, but nobody wanted to work in it back then. Tens of thousands [...]

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From Lauren J., a junior studying biology and ethics: As I reflect over my experiences during this trip, I realize that it is about the convergence of the past and the present. It is about preserving the memory of the horrific events of the Holocaust. As Dr. Halperin mentioned to our group, some people have never even heard of some of the sites that we visited. It is our duty to come to these places and acknowledge what happened at each. It is our duty to confront the darkness. We must do this so that we can tell others about it. The more educated people are regarding these atrocities, the less likely it is that they will be repeated in the future. Hatred [...]

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Backstage Disney

One day when Walt Disney was looking at one of the many Disneyland park pictures mailed to him by happy visitors, thanking him for what he’d created something about the picture bothered him. The family was all smiles and very lovely, but they were in Fantasyland, and walking behind them was a cowboy who belonged in Frontierland. Walt Disney, ever the showman, was concerned the illusion of Disneyland was being broken. Cast members – as employees are called – had to walk from their locker rooms to the areas of the park where they were assigned, and sometimes that required that cowboys walk through lands where cowboys shouldn’t be found. So when Disney started designing what became Walt Disney World, [...]

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Poland Trip Reflections

Reflections from SMU Dedman Law student Alexa Naumovich: Majdanek 12-23-2017 The town is so close to the camp. How can people say they were unaware of what was going on here? The stench of the bodies from the crematoria must have permeated the air. The bullets fired into the trenches must have been heard for miles. The people cannot say they did not know. They knew. But not all bowed their heads in submission. Some attempted to do what they could to draw the world’s eyes to this place of death. A picture in the museum struck me. Taken by a Polish resistance fighter from the town, it showed smoke billowing from the crematoria as viewed from the nearby town. [...]

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How ethical are we?

From Ruhi D. a first-year pre-business major: How ethical are we actually? This past semester I took a business ethics class where the last topic we discussed had to do with overconfidence of human morality. We like to think of ourselves as beings, that when placed in a difficult situation, would always take the high road. However this is not necessarily the case. In this unit we discussed two types of morality gauges. The first theory explored how we are as ethical as our inner moral compass. Even if you don’t take action on something, as long as you believe it is wrong or feel the wrongness of the situation you are considered an ethical person. The other theory [...]

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Role of Cast Members

Nearly 50 SMU Cox School of Business graduate students kicked off 2018 by traveling to Disney World to participate in the Disney Institute, where they learned about corporate culture from a company that’s one of the best in the business.

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An update from Angela W., a senior studying biochemistry and human rights: After two weeks in several large cities, ancient towns, and deserted forests, I have been analyzing my reactions to the various Holocaust sites I have been able to see with the Embrey Human Rights pilgrimage to Poland. I am incredibly grateful that I came: the trip was pretty different from what I was expecting. After talking to several of my friends who had been on this trip previously, they made me think that Holocaust Poland would make me change career plans and take a swan dive into nonprofit work. I expected to be sobbing at the end of every visit after seeing the devastation that occurred in those [...]

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