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Seeing the sights in DC

The next morning Lucy and I woke up for breakfast with some of our classmates. She was more than a little disgruntled, though, because the hot water in our hotel room didn’t seem to be working! The Tabard Inn continental … Continue reading

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From Madison’s home to DC

This day would be our final full day together. The morning was both exciting and bittersweet. The Hampton Inn provided a lovely continental breakfast. One by one, we arrived with our suitcases to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to … Continue reading

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Contrasts between liberty and slavery at Monticello

The next morning started bright and early as we left for our tour of Monticello. I was especially excited for this tour. After all, we had read three (enormous) books about the Master of the Mountain and the contrast between … Continue reading

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An update from Karma, a junior majoring in political science and human rights, with a minor in law and legal reasoning: Throughout my experience as a human rights major, and especially throughout my experience on this trip, I have thought a lot … Continue reading

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Walk and reflection

The day starts with a generous breakfast in the seminary’s large dining hall. Even with all the activity of the past days, a trend is apparent among many of us – the ample and tasty meals are definitely, shall we … Continue reading

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Thank you to the nameless

2014 marks the 10th Anniversary of the SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage. The eight-day bus journey takes students, faculty and staff to visit the American South’s civil rights landmarks and leaders in the movement. Continue reading

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Biking in Berlin

On the first day of summer school I was sitting in my classroom in Oxford, half a world away from home in St. Louis, Missouri. Before getting into our material on European diplomacy, my professor made a point to recommend visiting … Continue reading

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Perth Roundup

It is the end of my semester at Curtin University. I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but a lot has happened. I was able to go on a trip to The Outback with a group on campus called … Continue reading

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British Museum Scavenger Hunt

An update from Lexi on some of her discoveries during the class scavenger hunt at the British Museum: 1. Elgin Marbles as “metonyms” for the Parthenon: This picture left of one of the remnants can be seen as a metonym for … Continue reading

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Tirimbina, Costa Rica

After a long week of classes and presentations, Tirimbina was the perfect day trip and escape from our daily lives in Heredia! A short two-hour drive from Heredia, we arrived just in time for our chocolate tour. However, to get … Continue reading

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