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An update from law student Brenda B.: How do we treat our prisoners, and what does that say about us as a society? Despite being condemned, are prisoners entitled to civil rights (those given to us by a nation because of our citizenship) and human rights (those given to us because we are human)? For the obvious reasons, vulnerable women and children are more likable victims. But in the words of Dr. Rick Halperin, director of the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program, “Who cares about prisoners?” In Georgia, our class explored the complexity and correlation of these issues. Jennifer Hopkins (center) is the cheeriest park guide you will ever meet. Hope Anderson ’16, SMU Human Rights Fellow (left), and me. [...]

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Learning to See

If you were given a box of crayons and asked to draw a scene from nature, you would probably first start with the green and brown crayons, maybe adding a swath of blue for the sky and a round yellow ball in the sky as your sun. When you start to look closely at the world, though, you realize that there is a lot more detail than you can capture with four crayons. We took the campers on a “color hike” last week. Before we left, each camper was given a few swatches of paint color, and then had to look for those colors while on our hike. The campers aren’t just given swatches of green and brown, but also [...]

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Engaged Research

I volunteered with the Hive Mutual Support Network because of its close fit with my anthropological focus – grassroots alternatives to the mental health system. And while I’ve shared how my own experiences with psychiatry connect to this work in previous posts, my final week here saw the personal, political and academic (e)merge more clearly. For the Hive’s August potluck, I presented and facilitated a discussion on Survivor-Controlled Research, a form of participatory research done by those who’ve experienced mental health services. Through this, and the rest of the summer’s work, research has begun to take on a meaning for me which feels critical to flesh out in this last post. Looking out the window of the Hive space. [...]

2017-08-15T11:02:08+00:00 August 15th, 2017|Jordan, Maguire Fellow in Vermont|
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